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Dr. David Evdokimow says that this female student in her mid 20s from New York City was always concerned about the low volume of both her upper and lower lips, as well as too much of her tooth and gum showing when smiling. She always desired fuller lips that were more proportionate to her face. She made it clear during her consultation that conservative augmentation was her goal. She underwent upper and lower lip augmentation with Juvéderm® Ultra Plus. She was very comfortable during the procedure due to the administration of dental blocks. Virtually no bruising occurred. The postoperative pictures are taken one week after the procedure.
  • 1 May 2017
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Now Breast Implant Free
  • 3 Jun 2019
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They say that a women’s look illumine with flowers, chocolates and kisses. But there is one more thing that makes her complete and fuller. It is the beloved abode of her heart. A plump front with ample curves makes a woman content and satisfied with her looks and feel confident and special from within.