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The Comedian's in this list are some of the most admired and looked up to individuals. Check out their look when they were young and unknown.
  • 12 Jul 2017
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This special gallery is made with comedians around the globe who are hilarious as f*ck. So we thought why not add their jokes too? You are welcome.
  • 31 May 2018
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Kishore Bhanushali is an Indian Film actor and stand up comedy actor in Hindi movies. He has a likeness to late bollywood super star hero Dev Anand.
  • 8 Nov 2017
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thanks for watching
  • 6 Mar 2019
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Born in to a tumultuous relationship, Brand’s parents divorced when he was only six months old, with his mother raising him. At the age of seven, he was sexually abused by a tutor, and at the age of eight his mother was diagnosed with uterine cancer, followed by breast cancer. This would scar him for life, leading to him developing bulimia and a taste for illegal drugs. Diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and bipolar disorder, Brand would also go through a period of self-harming. He would use these difficulties as fodder for his early stand-up acts, gaining him recognition and pushing him from small English clubs to become a widely recognized comedic actor. Know more about this popular #Actor #comedian #motivation #KatyPerry #HelenMirren #hollywood #films #movie #inspiration #addiction #drugs #Englishclubs #sololionfilms
  • 24 Nov 2017
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Govinda Ahuja (born 21 December 1963), known mononymously as Govinda, is an Indian film actor, comedian and former politician known for his work in Hindi Cimena..! #govinda #comedia #politics #mumbaifilmindustry #bollywood #lifestory #inspiration
  • 1 Dec 2017
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In Dumb and Dumber, Lloyd Christmas spends some quality time in a van with his buddy Harry. This location must have seemed somewhat auspicious for #JimCarrey, who as a child lived out of a van with his parents. After his father lost his job, Carrey had to quit high school to help support his family, taking odd jobs as a janitor. Carrey has still managed to become one of the most recognizable and bankable comedians in the movie business. #movie #hollywood #business #themask #DumbandDumber
  • 8 Dec 2017
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