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Face, eyes and lips are very determined to the overall beauty. Therefore, choosing the right eye color, lip color is often considered carefully to create the perfect real face. 5 beauty benefits from ice cold little people know 12 secrets to have beautiful skin perfect anti-wrinkle facial skin does not need cosmetics Let's look at the combinations of lip color and eye color in this article to see the outstanding prominence of the girls face. Red paint + black eyeliner This is a perfect combination and very safe because red and black are two colors never go out together. This is also the makeup that many Hollywood stars love and can apply outside of normal life, work or party. The thing you have to do right is to choose a red lipstick to match the tone of the skin, smooth the skin and create a mass accent for the cheeks. Gray eyes + Nude color Another "golden combination" that you easily apply is the choice of nude color and classic smoky eyes. Tong makeup magical is a great choice when traveling party. Remember to choose a glossy nude color matching skin. Porcelain white, gray eyes and dark lipstick With this skin, a red lipstick, a bright red, brown or dark purple, all the attention will be focused on sexy lips and flawless white skin. With this color combination, your eyes should not be too picky, flashy, just choose gray eye color is enough. Brown eyes + Peach lips The advantage of this makeup tint is that it is suitable for both parties and work. It is worth noting here is the need to brown eye color modifications because if you make eye makeup too bold easy to make eyes look tired. In addition, peach color lipstick will help to reduce the "heavy" color of brown eyes, to help brighten the face. Red wine + bronze eyes This combination makes your face look very sharp, luxurious. You should know that it is necessary to do the lip liner when painting the red lipstick. Choose eye color: You need to choose the right yellow eye shadow and use your eye
  • 22 Nov 2017
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