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it is very rare to meet a person in the world who has the same face as you. Some people are lucky enough to meet them, here is the proof.
  • 6 Jul 2018
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Sometimes not only people but animals too get lucky. This collection will force you too chose of whom you should be more jealous, animals or people.
  • 20 Sep 2018
  • 7 563
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Sometimes random people get very lucky. Either they achieve something or they get saved from being harmed badly.
  • 4 Jan 2019
  • 9 243
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Imagine getting 5 nachos paying the price of 4. This is what exactly happened here. These people got something extra with their foods. Try out your luck next time.
  • 12 Jan 2019
  • 24 859
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Things could’ve gone really wrong for these people but thank God luck favored them in the last moment and their day was saved.
  • 23 May 2019
  • 10 726
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There are some people who seem to have the most luck in almost everything. These people have lucked out.
  • 19 Aug 2019
  • 4 686
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These people were beyond lucky, to say the least, the word miracle would be a more precise term to explain these.
  • 30 Sep 2019
  • 18 401
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These people really had their luck going for them! Some are so lucky, that those instances can be considered miracles.
  • 16 Oct 2019
  • 11 311
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Feeling a bit unlucky these days? These instances of sheer luck might kickstart your lucky days!
  • 2 Dec 2019
  • 47 515
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Marrying your favorite actor, actress or athlete sounds like a dream come true. For the lucky people in this gallery that is exactly what happened to them. Here are some of Hollywood’s biggest stars who made their spouses’ dreams a reality by marrying one of their biggest fans.
  • 22 Feb 2016
  • 71 114
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