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Stay awhile and Listen Well met traveler, I am Deckard Cain. Skeeter rounded up all of her people and they formed a long line. One at a time I healed each and every one of them until skeeter brought a young boy to me. His name was Wink, he seemed a happy little fellow of about the age of 9. Wink was a curious boy, more interested in running around and playing hide and seek than being investigated and prodded by the likes of myself. I tried to heal little Wink only to find that he was in perfect health. Why would skeeter bring me a healthy boy. She said that I must have lost my powers because that boy has never spoken a single word, not in the 7 years that he was under skeeters care. I tried a more focused approach. Something was there in his throat, something odd. Like something in prisoned or at least in a shell that my powers couldn't open. I was exhausted, my powers needed to rest. As I sat next to skeeter I found something to be perplexing. I know I healed everyone's afflictions, so why is everyone still scratching at their pubic realms? Even skeeter was digging at her no no go go. I convinced skeeter, though she didn't need much convincing, to take her pants off and lie down. I needed to examine her further. That's when I saw them. I call them tiny demons but these people called them crabs. My healing powers have no effect on these tiny demons. I needed to think back to a lesson my dead mother had taught me and then, I remembered. I shaved one half of Skeeters pubic mound, applied a flammable oil to the other half, then set it ablaze. When these tiny demon ran out of the inferno, I stabbed them with a sewing needle. Thus sending them back to the foul place from which they came. We taught these people how to perform this procedure and eradicate these tiny demons thus ending the epidemic. Their pain and suffering would become just a memory over time but I will never forget the smell of burning pubic hair that lingered for days in my nostrils. I belie
  • 8 Sep 2016
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