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Sound Improvement (Si Crew) is a breath of fresh air for all listeners and even non-listeners of Rap music. Leaving the stage in a roar of applause every-time. Sound Improvement are always full throttle when performing. Si Crew Says the trick to keeping the party happening all night long is to never allow the party to stop. We promise! Si Crew have a slue of original music, getting known more and more everyday. Their constant live shows in the variety of cites they play is paving the way with a new style of live music. Sound Improvement have a live set that can last for hours, like you've never seen before. Just like the original days of Hip Hop, Sound Improvement are bringing back the live element with the mixture of a DJ spinning records and emcee's hosting the party, performing live music and top chart hits all within the same showcase. Sound Improvement are Being asked to be tour support for artists such as Necro, Swollen Members, Classified, and Moka Only (to name a few) was a secure way of telling Sound Improvement they're meant to perform and do it well. With over 200 shows, 9 albums, 40,000 digital downloads and 30,000 music video views, Sound Improvement are continuing to peruse their dream to one day be a house-hold name for music lovers everywhere. When the boys of Sound Improvement (Si Crew) first got together back in 96, they knew something positive would come from their hard work and determination through dance, art and music. By forming their first crew, calling themselves D.B.P. (Driven By Passion/Dues Being Paid), it would project everything they stood for. Sound Improvement as a emcee/producer crew was born in 2006 to be the front-line main attraction to a message of great life, heath and happiness through Hip Hop. Since the beginning, Si Crew have been hosting their own Bboy battles, emcee free style nights, shows/concerts, as well as all kinds of art events. These artists do it all on their own. From the designs and marketing, videos and music production, to even the cloths they wear. Their stage presents and emcee skills are outstanding for four emcees sharing the stage, its an extremely high energy set. Brent - Just Entertainment Putting the four members of Sound Improvement together, they have worked and/or shared the stage with Moka Only, NECRO, Emotionz, Classified, J-Bru, D-Sisive, Empire, More or Less, Jus, DJ Serious, Angerville, Bishop TGM Brigante, JL Prophet, Spesh K, Eternia. And companies such as; Legendary Entertainment, Urbnet Records, JUST ENTERTAINMENT, Under Pressure Magazine & Records,, NOW Magazine, Skunk Magazine, Pound Magazine, HUH, Maple Mothership, Universal Music and many more.
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