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WHY CHOOSE INDIA IVF CLINIC Serve with love is our approach and that we do with care, sincerity, and commitment; Our dream is to see smile on the face of childless couples worldwide by being economical and reasonable. We are very passionate to make you pregnant by the latest modern amenities available. The clinic, and the IVF Lab are well equipped with all the ultramodern equipment. The maintenance, air quality in lab is as per the international guidelines. You can depend on us to bring back your lost smiles. We are dedicated towards you and we are positive towards our approach and expect the same positivity from your side. We work on an individual fertility programme for each couple.
  • 28 Jun 2018
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First Egg Bank, also known as FEB, puts all efforts into helping infertile couples from different corners of our globe to experience the joy of parenthood by supplying top quality egg and sperm donor material since 2008. Fertility patients get a chance find suitable frozen donor eggs and sperm with the availability of over 450 egg donors and 200 sperm donors. As part of the Medicover Fertility Family, First Egg Bank has been supplying top quality egg and sperm donor material and satisfies the needs of patients requiring Assisted Reproduction Clinics and individual patients. First Egg Bank offers: • Batches of 6, 8 and 12 frozen donor eggs • Sperm samples in straws and vials • Embryo creation. • Identifiable and anonymous egg donors. • Slavic, Asian, African egg donor phenotypes. • Free online donor selection&booking (donor profiles, childhood and adults pictures). • Medical Courier Service – safe transportation of reproductive human cells. Currently, the frozen egg bank enlists 5000 frozen donor eggs which are available for the booking. All Egg donors have been thoroughly interviewed and screened, and egg donor profiles feature information about the donor's appearance, education, family history, hobbies, etc. First Egg Bank satisfies the requirements and preferences even of extremely demanding customers who are looking for high-quality donor biomaterial. By offering a user-friendly interface for catalogs and search criteria, clients can reach the First Egg Bank donor database from anywhere. It contains a full list of oocytes and sperm donors with their photos and extended profile information after registration. The team of coordinators is always ready to give a hand and professional advice.
  • 23 Mar 2018
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At PREG your basic infertility treatment workup will include basal body temperature (BBT) charting, Ovulation detector kits, Fertility monitors, Fertility monitors, Semen Analysis (SA), Hormonal Testing, Androgen (male hormone) Levels; Thyroid and Prolactin Levels; Anti-Sperm Antibodies, Sonohysterogram; Follicle Scans; Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test (CCCT).
  • 8 Jun 2018
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