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Action movies take a lot of hard work and dedication especially if there are some crazy awesome stunts that you would never believe a celebrity could actually pull off and not die! That’s why there are stunt doubles to who make it look effortless for celebrities. Here are a few cool photos of celebrities and their stunt doubles!
  • 14 Jul 2016
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The people responsible behind definitely should get a raise. They are unique than the rest and obviously on the top of the rest of the marketing strategies.
  • 15 Nov 2018
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Tom cruise has proved overtime how determined he is to justify his on-screen role. He took almost 2000 hours to learn how to fly a chopper and he performed major his stunts by himself. #SLF #SoloLionFilms #Missionimpossiblefallout #Missionimpossible #Tomcruise #facts #fact #knowledge #love #truth #didyouknow #india #factsdaily #follow #motivation #interestingfacts #dailyfacts #amazingfacts #factz #funny #like #instagram #life #knowledgeispower #education #instagood #amazing #truefacts #realtalk #explore
  • 11 Sep 2019
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Are you worried about where to take your kid so that they can engage in some physical activities instead of slouching all day in the couch? Well trampoline parks have emerged as one of the places that kids love to visit and spend all day. They will not complain for once as they get to practise all kinds of stunts that they were unable to do otherwise. So take them to your nearest trampoline park in Walsall, today and watch them as they have the time of their life while you just sit back and watch.
  • 14 Jul 2017
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When it’s a gallery about drunken people and the stunts they pull off after a couple of shots you already know it’s going to be uproariously funny.
  • 18 May 2019
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Come to experience the Annual Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival at Blackthorne Resort. Relish the stunt shows, rodeo games, live music, a vendor expo and bike show with cash prizes it is the biggest motorcycle carnival in Upstate New York! Afterward looking for a place to stay under budget. For instance book rooms at The Country Place Resort which will provide the best accommodation as well as it is adjacent to Zoom Flume Water Park which is an added benefit of your visit. Call for Reservation:-518 239 4559 ext- 2 or 718 208 0127.
  • 12 Sep 2019
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