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******** *******cryptickingproductions****/deckard-cain-lives-adventures-of-old-deckard-cain-act-1/ Stay awhile and Listen Greeting, it is I Deckard Cain During the progression of Diablo lll, I was tortured and slain by Maghda, one of Diablo’s minion’s wielding dark and foul magics. My body was burned and tears were shed, I was surely deceased or so it would seem. As I drifted into the great abyss, my thoughts never wavered from Leah. I believe that those thoughts were the only things that kept me from losing myself and from becoming one with the universal energies forever… I found myself spinning forward in time like some reckless lightning bolt. The madness of one left all alone in isolation for an eternity threatened to consume me. It was then that a voice came to me, calling me, “Deckard Cain, your life is not finished, there is much to do, many lives to save and knowledge of the ancients to archive. This voice seemed to guide me, it gave me a purpose. It was then that a blinding flash of white light surrounded me, I was pulled out of this river of time. I felt a warm embrace and I drifted into unconsciousness, only to awake in my old body yet in a new and wondrous time. The year was 2017 and Diablo’s wicked plans and prophecy were at work, even here, even now. If there was a place to obtain information, I knew it would be a tavern. Surely I will find one if I followed these lights on the sides of the path where these metal carriages travel. On my journey I slowly made my way through this new and strange world to what appeared to be an advanced city of sorts. My old eyes have never seen the likes of it before. As I approached I thought it best to stay in the shadows and observe. Since my old journal was lost to the ages I needed another form to document my findings. I had rely on my resources. I found these curious cubes made of brown, pressed and firm paper in an alley. I tore away some slivers of this pape
  • 8 Sep 2016
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