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Need a little pep in your step? Here are five games that will totally make your down-in-the-dumps day better. Vote for the rest of the list on Ranker: *******www.ranker****/list/top-10-games-to-play-when-you_re-depressed/val1s?limit=25
  • 27 Jun 2013
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Ducking, jumping, and blocking, with the occasional parry are the only tools of survival in these parts and by these parts we mean the best 2D fighting games out there.
  • 28 Mar 2013
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Not all movie-to-video game adaptations are created equally but here are the top 5 that are worth your time.
  • 14 Mar 2013
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Duck for cover! This weeks Top 5 break down the greatest arcade shooter games.
  • 21 Feb 2013
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Love it or hate it, Japanese animation has spawned some imaginative games. In this episode of top five, we explore the Anime based video game that make us go, Sugoi~!
  • 14 Feb 2013
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Who would have thought your favorite games would be the ones to help cure your two left feet? Here are the five best games to shake your groove thing to.
  • 7 Feb 2013
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If we've learned one thing from playing video games, it's that murdering in the shadows is fun. We slink through the top 5 games that do stealth right!
  • 31 Jan 2013
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From Super Mario to Final Fantasy, this week's Gamer Top 5 gives you the definitive list of the best, imported RPG's.
  • 24 Jan 2013
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Every year has its share of shameful stories -- and 2012 had some real humdingers. From the crappy Game of Thrones adaptation to the PlayStation Vita's stillborn launch to the overwhelming fan outcry over Mass Effect 3's now-revised ending, we explore (and finger-wag) the past year's lowest gaming moments.
  • 17 Jan 2013
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This weeks Top 5 is for all of you who run around your room with your underwear on the outside of your pants, utilizing your "super powers". Here are five games that strongly encourage this behavior.
  • 13 Dec 2012
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Horrid things exist. And it's some people's job to bring teams together to make them make them real. In today's episode of Top 5 Gaming, we explore the most disgusting game characters created.
  • 4 Apr 2013
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What are the coolest (pun intended) ice stages in all of gaming? We run down the five most memorable examples that (hopefully) won't have you itching to throw your controller through a window after all the cheap slip-and-slide deaths. Vote on the rest of the list on Ranker: *******www.ranker****/list/top-10-greatest-snow-levels-in-video-game-history/adamthomas
  • 11 Apr 2013
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Who are the hottest virtual ladies in gaming? We've got five overclocked CPU babes with enough artificial intelligence to put that supercomputer from WarGames to shame.
  • 18 Apr 2013
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The next generation of console gaming is right around the corner, and we already know about quite a few next-gen games, following the annual E3 gaming expo earlier this month. Here are the five we're most looking forward to. Vote for the rest of the list on Ranker: *******www.ranker****/list/most-wanted-xbox-one-and-ps4-games/support1?limit=25
  • 20 Jun 2013
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From 8 Bit Sprite hotties, to the sexy action heroes featured in your favorite cut-scene, these are the sexiest video game characters ever created. Vote for the rest of the list at: *******www.ranker****/crowdranked-list/the-hottest-video-game-vixens-of-all-time
  • 13 Jun 2013
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Wizards and witches and warlocks -- video games have an abundance of all these slippery sorcerers, and these are the five all-time greats. Vote for the rest of the list on Ranker: *******www.ranker****/list/9-greatest-warlocks-in-video-game-history/adamthomas *******www.gamehackerz****
  • 6 Jun 2013
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Some video game protagonists are pretty cool... and then some are just totally freakin' awesome. Here are our five favorite heroes -- the ones that separate the men from the boys! Vote for the rest of the list on Ranker: *******www.ranker****/crowdranked-list/the-most-badass-video-game-heroes-of-all-time
  • 29 May 2013
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What are the greatest furry felines in all of gaming? Find out right MEOW! And then vote for the rest of the list on Ranker! *******www.ranker****/list/the-13-greatest-cats-in-video-game-history/adamthomas?page=1
  • 23 May 2013
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