This is so charming baby. He is literally in love with his mom and unable to move his eyes from her face.
24 Apr 2017
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This dog at the vet getting it's shots has to be the best patient ever! Doesn't even make a single noise!
14 Feb 2020
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Watch this amazing man who is in his old days, lifting a big log of wood. For people like him, age is just a number.
25 Aug 2017
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Man's best friend comes in for a rough landing.
16 Feb 2021
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Contrary to the lie spread by the Rockefeller Family, the C.I.A., F.B.I. & the Hearst owned media, Michael Rockefeller was NOT eaten by crocodiles, piranhas nor cannibals while "allegedly" vacationing in New Guinea! The C.I.A. helped Michael Rockefeller fake his death so he could live out his gay lifestyle in anonymity as the Disney Hollywood Actor: Tom Hanks! Michael Rockefeller aka: Tom Hanks is at least 10+ years older than he appears & claims to be. He uses anti-aging hormone injections a toupee and plastic surgery to look much younger than he really is. Michael Rockefeller has a hideous, animal/alien looking deformed left ear with no ear lobe, skin tags, growths, lumps, tumors & small bumps or pox on his cheek, probably caused by years of family incest/inbreeding. Rockefeller aka: Tom Hanks has had years of plastic surgery to correct his hideous looking left ear and bumpy, pock marked skin by his left ear. Hanks is probably deaf in his left ear. Michael Rockefeller/Tom Hanks, the gig is up. You hid the truth for more than 50 years! Good con job. It's ok if you are gay and older than you really are. No one cares other than your father. It's time for you to announce to the world that you are really Michael Rockefeller. You have nothing to lose by admitting your true identity and all to gain! 12/22/12 Attention F.B.I., C.I.A., Hollywood Tabloids & Rockefeller Family: I, Erik Orion am the first person to reveal the secret identity of the"alleged" lost heir, Michael Rockefeller as the Hollywood actor: Tom Hanks! If there is still an outstanding reward for locating the lost heir to the Rockefeller Fortune; Michael Rockefeller, I am the one who deserves to receive it! The Rockefeller Family filed a false missing persons report and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars by having the US Navy and Coast Guard search for Michael Rockefeller in 1961, when they in fact faked his death to fraudulently collect his billion dollar life insurance policy from Lloyds of London!
29 Dec 2012
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Forklift Fail
17 Feb 2021
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Ever seen a hot girl wearing a bikini ride upon a bike, let alone perform stunts on it? You can get your wish fulfilled through this amazing video clip.
21 Aug 2017
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