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Some cool photos of Bruce Lee :D
  • 26 Oct 2018
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An Educational Film about Karate in Ontario. Excellent for parents, teachers and youth. 14 Amazing Experts in One Documentary! Leading respected and well-known instructors, referees, and judges will share their experiences and the secrets to their success in this documentary. What the Experts Say! ‘This insightful documentary gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at Karate in Ontario. Many different topics are covered, and anyone interested in Karate will discover something unique and important in this story’. About the Filmmaker Maria Morgunova personally directed this documentary feature. Maria is the Director of INVISION PRO - a media company in Toronto, Ontario. Maria’s background includes more than 10 years’ experience in journalism and the film and video industry as a videographer, journalist, film editor, producer of short stories, and the director of TV talk shows. Maria holds an MA of Arts, and has created successful stories and programs for the corporate world, broadcast television, and PR companies. About INVISION PRO Independent Vision and Production is a media company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. INVISION PRO produces quality documentaries, B2B marketing videos, short stories, and music videos.
  • 11 Aug 2018
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