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While entering the Gallery, one can not help but marvel at his works of wood and gilded bronze. Admiring these vehicles, heavy symbols, it is like projecting in time: we imagine the coach, pulled by a team of horses, move with a majestic slowness. A crowned head leans slightly to the window and salutes the crowd. Adorned with gold and sculptures, these large-scale vehicles have been designed to strike the spirits. They represent the monarchy, the pageantry, the wealth and the tradition. The coaches of the Gallery are the creations of the best artists and luxury craftsmen of the Court: architects, joiner, saddler-coachbuilder, mirror maker, locksmith, bronzier, carver, gilder, founder, painter, tackler, trimmers, embroiderers ... at this new space, visitors can relive the great hours of the history of France by admiring the sedans of the marriage of Napoleon I, the coach of the coronation of Charles X, the funeral carriage of Louis XVIII, and also the small carriages of Marie-Antoinette's children and an astonishing collection of fancy sledges made during the reign of Louis XV.
28 Aug 2019
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