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Welcome to 11th Hour Racing 11TH Hour Racing is an ever growing lifestyle adventure motor sports team with a finger on the pulse of all forms of motor sports action. Our goal is to bring to the World's racing stage our own unique vision of fun, racing, quality competition, racing, media coverage, racing, event promotion, and oh yes, did we mention racing!!!! Now that you are here, sit back, strap yourself in, and ENJOY!! The 11th Hour Racing team and the idea behind our adventures was born out of a desire to share with the professional motor sports world our brand of lifestyle adventure madness which has been cultivated through years of world travel, action sports mayhem, and media making tomfoolery. Our goal is to shamelessly self-promote our team, the new talent we experience, the events we are involved in, and any and all aspects of the adventure surrounding the event to the best of our abilities and discretion. So what the hell are we? Well, we encompass a professional racing team with years of experience on the track and off, our own media, chase, and service crew vehicles, as well as our professional and event tested media crew for capturing those little moments of interest you find along the way when you travel the world racing high performance machines with a bunch of lunatics. Now what the hell do we want? More team members! More money! More cars! More! More! More! Hey, the more the merrier we say. Adding top-quality, interesting, creative, forward thinking team members and sponsors to our ranks will only help to make all involved more successful. Regardless, we will keep this machine rolling, so there are two choices: you get on the ship or you stay home. We will be out there regardless. What are we up to now? Well, with two successful feature length films from 11th Hour Racing out in the world, we are currently in development and production on a 13-part broadcast series (with current broadcast commitment) which chronicles the adventures of the 11th Hour Racing crew and the many characters we encounter throughout the world. The show is focused on the action sports lifestyle adventure and showcases not only the motor sports scene which we are heavily involved in, but a range of action based adventures including skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, snowmobiling, off-road, fashion, music, clubs, explosives, porn, you name it. If it goes big we grab it and add it to the mix. This is one serious cocktail, guaranteed to scramble the senses and have you waking up in the morning saying, "what the hell happened?" Our adventures have just begun, so feel free to hop on the ship, we're always getting ready to roll at the 11th Hour. So for anyone who has the desire to travel the four corners of the world laughing your ass of at perverse speeds with a bunch of professional maniacs and an insane media crew to boot, drop us a line and tell us what you think. We’ll be planning the next invasion.
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19 Apr 2021
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The 11th Hour is a new documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio about the state of humanity and the world. Join the action at www.11thhouraction****
28 Jul 2007
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Whats Your Problem is a bit taken from The 11th Hour TV Show that was on the air in the late 1990s.
16 Oct 2007
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Bob Hope Celebrity Roast from the 11th Hour Cable TV Show which ran on Cable TV in New jersey in the 1990s.
4 Nov 2007
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It's dedicated to all the victims starting on the day including 24 Japanese. Only 13 of them came home but not in one piece. Just "partial remains" came home... Then onto Afghanistan, Iraq where way more than million people were killed. Far more lost their loved ones, their houses destroyed, their environment all contaminated, i.e. their lives all messed up and many forced to become refugees... as well as so many Muslims and Arabs in the world who were illegally(i.e. their laws are breach of human rights etc) captured, tortured, killed or injured physically and mentally. This fraud called 9/11 made them 'terrorists' or 'terror suspects.' OK, there could be crazy Islam fundamentalists. But crazy people are everywhere. Why do we need to focus on them only? That's because of this fundamental lie! I believe there are good people and bad, nasty ones everywhere, in any group incl CFR. 9/11 was a smear campaign against Muslims and Arabs along with many other things. I hope you know that by now. And I'll definitely include who ended up dying or suffering because of the EPA's lie. At the moment, I am absolutely exhausted from shouting for three hours on Sunday, my "11th Day Action," handed out 500 flyers. But you know, nowadays people thank me for doing this as they take the flyer or CD-ROM or whatever I can give them. Many ordinary citizens are aware of the truth. We need to encourage them to spread it further. In fact, this Sunday, my daughter told me that one woman came back and asked for 10 more. Another couple came back to fetch 20 more so that they could give out to their friends! I wish they'd photocopy what I gave them cause it costs $ and I'm paying all out of my pocket... But it's good that people WANT to spread the truth! ;O) When I do my 11th Day Action, I think about Bob, Mindy, Patty and so forth and Dan Wallace. I strongly suspect that he was killed(search for Church Commission and that special gun they talked about) just like Hunter S Thompson and many others...... Dan said that we'll take it from the bottom to the top. Yes, we've gotta do that. And that's for my Iraqi friends, too. Our goal is to have a legitimate investigation and to see justice done. Please join me, print out some photos, put a few up on your car windows, make a big poster to take with you. Seeing is believing. I don't understand so many "11th Day Action" videos show only posters with WORDS. Why no photos?? And now, having got a few credible Australian scientists on top of all the others in the world debunking the official story, this is no longer a 'crazy talk of those conspiracy theorists' but the truth based on law of physics!! Do your homework! Start from somewhere like this, be shy, And start your own 11th Day Action! September 11th was an Inside Job!! 'War on Terror' is a fraud!!
10 Sep 2009
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Forex Daily News: Market outlook April 11th 2008 forex.fxdd****
11 Apr 2008
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July 11th 2008 Forex video Outlook *******Forex.fxdd****
11 Jul 2008
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This is a tribute to all of the people who died or risked their lives during the terrorist attacks on the world trade centre on September 11th 2001.
11 Jun 2009
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11th Video
11 Aug 2009
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This a an incredible deal in historic franklin tn. 11th off Main Townhomes CANNOT be beat! Give us a call. 615-480-5770 Sstrickhausengmail**** *******www.Sstrickhausen****
25 Sep 2009
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*******indianrealityshows***.in Bigg Boss Season 3 colors tv 11th november 2009 Day 39 Bigg Boss watch Full Parts episode bigg boss
12 Nov 2009
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*******indianrealityshows***.in Bigg Boss Season 3 11th december 11 2009 Day 68 Bigg Boss watch Full Parts bigg boss episode bigg boss
12 Dec 2009
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