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Some people are able to quit using drugs or drinking alcohol on their own, however most of us need help. With drug rehab programs, alcohol treatment programs, Treatment Centers and sober living homes, we can begin to attain spiritual strength, understanding, humility, emotional stability, peace of mind, and contented sober lives. A new life in recovery is available today.Alcoholics and Drug addicts can enter Treatment Centers & drug rehabs that are specific and focused on their needs; women only, men only, teen programs, young adult (17-26) , wilderness-adventure programs, various detox programs, spiritual Treatment Centers, exclusive, professional, 12 step treatment, non-12 step or alternative treatment, executive & professionals, exclusive & private, intensive outpatient (IOP), Christian treatment, spiritual, faith based, dual-diagnosis treatment centers, sober living and transitional living homes are just a few of the drug and alcohol treatment options available to begin and sustain the recovery process. There is a way for every single suffering individual to recover. We must only have the desire. Visit newliferecovery**** today.
29 Dec 2007
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www.Brooksideinstitute**** www.Non12**** www.Neurosciencecenter.Brooksideinstitute**** Brookside Institute offers treatment protocol that combines the latest in neuroscience (TMS Neurofeedback), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and medicine to treat addiction and co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis). Unlike other treatment centers that may offer "non 12 step programs" the Brookside Recovery Protocol ™ is a science-based, medical model that applies over twenty years of scientific research to provide a comprehensive treatment for addiction. Although other treatment programs may claim to be non 12 step, none provide the same level of care and innovative approach to addiction as Brooksides individualized, all-inclusive treatment protocol. Many programs have recently jumped on the non 12 step trend; however, Brookside Institute is the pioneer in science-based, medical model treatment for addiction and has always used this model to treat addiction. At the Neuroscience Center we use TMS and Neurofeedback as treatment. Magno-EEG Resonant Therapy (MERT) is an innovative treatment procedure using a noninvasive electromagnetic resonant process to tune up or down specific brainwaves. This is a refined process of the traditional Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) that is unique to Brookside Institute NeuroScience Center. Unlike TMS, MERT is precisely calculated based on the individuals electroencephalography (EEG) to deliver the perfect combination of electromagnetic resonance to bring the brainwave back into balance. The MERT process begins with a baseline EEG recording to characterize the patients individual brainwave signature. The signature is then used to determine the MERT treatment settings, which include output intensity, stimulus frequency, location, duration and maintenance plan to bring the brainwaves back into normal patterns. As a second treatment option, Neurofeedback is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure that can improve symptoms of a variety of behavioral disorders, learning disabilities and mental illness. It is a form of biofeedback that presents a patients brainwave activity in real time using a video display technique that allows the patient to learn how to control and change his or her brainwaves to healthier patterns or function. Through several sessions, the patient learns to control objects on the monitor, in essence using his or her mind to play a video game. As the patients brain function improves, the difficulty of the game is increased. The neurofeedback procedure at Brookside Institute begins by assessing the brain activity, using EEG recorded brainwaves, or brain signals, as it relates to abilities to learn, concentrate and control emotions. This comprehensive analysis is used as a guide to re-train specific areas of the brain using exercises that target the identified brain areas that are compromised. While we want you to select us because the Brookside Recovery Protocol offers the only science-based, medical model for addiction treatment, we also want our clients to be comfortable and enjoy the surroundings and the climate of Southern California; which can't be beat. At Brookside Institute we are dedicated to the research and treatment of substance abuse disorders. Our NeuroScience Center is a state-of-the-art facility located in Newport Beach and Irvine, California. Our patients have access to the latest breakthroughs in brain wave function and neurophysiology and the center is designed to provide a comfortable, confidential atmosphere for medical treatment and therapy sessions. Our residential home is located in the beautiful community of Irvine, an upscale living environment, complete with full amenities including a fitness center, meditation/yoga room and near area beaches. We take International Clients as well as those in any of the 50 states: AL, AK, AS, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, FM, FL, GA, GU, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MH, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, MP, OH, OK, OR, PW, PA, PR, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, VI, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY. We are located in Newport Beach, California.
28 Apr 2009
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Bob's Carpet Care: watch as we demonstrate our 12 step cleaning process that makes your carpets look clean and stay clean. (760) 753-8750 - www.bobscarpetcare****
24 Nov 2009
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*******singersongwriterelizabethedwards****/ - 12 Step Music Recovery gifts. Singer Songwriter Elizabeth Edwards sings at Florida 12 Step Music Festival in November 2009, her CD's available and make great gifts for people in recovery.
18 Dec 2009
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Visit *******www.sober**** now. Your addiction and recovery questions answered by a practicing Addictions Professional, Dr. Jonas. Find out about 12 step meetings, aa meetings, na meetings, ga meetings, alcoholics anonymous meetings, narcotics anonymous meetings, sober coach, recovery coach and staying sober. Looking for a drug rehab or sober house? Call 866-375-7322 or go to www.sober**** and Browse our Directory for the right drug rehab or halfway house. Join the community to offer support and get help.
8 Aug 2011
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More information on Non 12 step drug rehabs :- *******www.non12steprehabs****/ Non 12 step treatment guide patients through a entire biophysical detoxing to reduce cravings.
5 Nov 2013
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Get more details on *******www.non12steprehabs****/detoxi... A biophysical drug detox plan can help give people the strength they will need to overcome obsession long term and eliminate physical desires. Biophysical detox is a non 12 step drug rehab solution that focuses on supporting with the biochemical results of drugs and alcohol.
11 Nov 2013
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More information on 12 step rehab : *******www.benchmarkcenter****/servic... 12 Step rehab is essential for lifelong recovery from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, and we believe the 12 Steps are only part of the solution for the true alcoholic/addict. The staff at Benchmark Recovery Center know all too well from first hand experience just how difficult the recovery process is for someone who is trying to recover from an addiction to alcohol. We continue to provide the same high levels of care, compassion, and knowledge to our residents, and we are currently adding and expanding on our already proven program of recovery.
4 Dec 2013
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How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Again: 12 Steps germany +91-9116321488 How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Again: 12 Steps germany +91-9116321488How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Want You Again: 12 Steps germany +91-9116321488
31 Mar 2018
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Substance Abuse Treatment Program helps with 12 Step Program_WMV V9 Married woman recovers from polysubstance abuse with help from the substance abuse treatment program at Brighton Hospital and 12 step program support.
23 Nov 2009
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Miramar Treatment – 866.382.5442 The 12 Step Program is governed by a set of principles that provide a course of action for addiction treatment and recovery. The 12 Step method is the foundation of Alcoholic Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Pills Anonymous and all other ‘Anonymous’ programs. Loosely summarized, the ‘Step’ program focuses on an addict’s need to acknowledge his/her addiction, seek help, correct past errors, and help other addicts do the same. *******www.miramarlagunabeach****
5 Dec 2009
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*******www.heavenson**** 12 step power taking sequence
16 May 2010
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