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Live the 1950 car chase experience
12 Dec 2006
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Do you want to go back to 1950s for few sec
23 Jul 2007
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Bandaid Bandage 1950s advert for bandaids - look at all the incredible colours
2 Nov 2007
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This absorbing vintage film explores the issue of cheating in school. John, a Student Council representative, is having trouble with algebra. He knows he has to maintain his good grades for his social status, so he gets his girlfriend Mary to allow him to copy from her answers on a test. Later, after he’s been caught, his fellow students come down on him hard, eventually punishing him by kicking him off the Student Council. What makes this film different from others of its ilk is the Film Noir quality that the film employs to heighten tension and fear. The characteristics of film noir are ever present. The beginning is quite dark and scary, with a young boy's loneliness, with many different close ups of a phone, faces, and disembodied voices. And of course, shadows and sharp angles are focused on with the stark black and white picture exploding off the screen. As this was part of the Discussion Problems in Group Living series, this film focuses not on what the adults do to John, but on what his peers think of his actions, and whether they will offer peer support or more peer pressure. This series of films was made specifically to stimulate discussion among young audiences who viewed it, instead of making rigid pronouncements about what is right or wrong. Cheating on tests in school is an ever growing issue and it's fascinating to see how cheating was perceived in the 1950's.
7 Feb 2010
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Fun That Builds Good Health is a frightening instructional video from the 1950's that earnestly introduces strict notions of social and personal conformity in American society. Ostensibly the film is about children playing, and what kind of play will be most healthy for them. But when little Jimmy Baxter doesn't enjoy football, why, his father will just have to keep working on it until he does! This film captures the essence of fifties' homogenized America perfectly. A great historical video.
4 Aug 2008
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Good Sportsmanship teaches young teens how to build relationships with opponents and how fitting into social groups is more important than winning or “getting what you want.” This exemplary 1950’s social guidance film uses sports as a metaphor for life in order to teach social conformity and deference to the needs of the group over those of the individual. Several scenes of kids playing basketball and other daily life situations, such as sibling interaction are used to teach this lesson. The film is full of good sportsmanship stories, as well as defining the rules of good sportsmanship in the context of high school sports. The social life of teens and social groups in high school are also explored. Male bonding activities in 1950's culture weren't always easy to come by, and this film champions the relationships that can be built in sports as ideal for teen athletes. The film is also an excellent look at school history and what life in the 1950's schools was like.
4 Aug 2008
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This is a hilarious promotional film which, while nominally focusing on nutrition, follows the story of Bob, a high school football player who finds that his girlfriend thinks he is boring, his bowling score is no good, and his skills on the field aren’t cutting it anymore. His football coach tells him that he isn’t eating a balanced diet, and Bill gets a crash course in nutrition, 1950’s-style. Since this film was sponsored by the National Dairy Council, the nutrition information is heavily skewed toward dairy products. Bob’s little sister even brings him a bowl of ice cream while he’s studying to help keep his energy up. After the changes in his diet, Bill feels great, gets more sleep, and even his bowling game is better!
5 Aug 2008
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This 1950’s film outrageously suggests that nuclear bombs could be used to mine for resources! Plowshare is an incredible film that captures the onslaught of nuclear weapons propaganda from the US government. With happy-go-lucky music in the background, viewers are treated to the bright side of atomic bombs, where United States industry can replace dynamite with nuclear bombs to save time and money! The dangers of radiation, fallout, and extreme destruction is not even lightly touched upon. One of the most astonishing government films on atomic bombs ever made, Plowshare is simultaneously frightening and hilarious.
13 Aug 2008
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The Journey through music and time continues as they explore the 1950s To watch it from the begining click:
26 Aug 2008
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An educational relic, This is the Dairy Industry takes viewers on a stroll through milk and dairy products production in the 1950s. Some amazing statistics are also thrown out: it’s alleged that 30% of the American diet is based on milk products. The rows upon rows of machines and masses of workers who control them demonstrate butter churning on an industrial scale. As an enriching addition to facts and information about the dairy industry, the lifestyle of the middle class and mainstream American is also beautifully represented. This is the Dairy Industry is a wonderful walk through the milk plant and 1950’s culture.
3 Sep 2008
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Social Sex Attitudes in Adolescence follows Mary and Bob from infancy all the way to their courtship and marriage in order to demonstrate the importance of family life. A prototypical 1950’s social guidance film, the focus is on convention (Bob is a football player) and proper conduct at every point. From their perfect families, Mary and Bob are sure to come together – so long as Mary can avoid the parked car groping from men of lesser character! The perfect film to learn about the way sex and culture were perceived in 1950’s America, Social Sex Attitudes in Adolescence is a classic vintage movie.
16 Dec 2008
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Ford SkyLiner Retractable Roof In Operation 1950s Classic Car. ASB Showground, Auckland, New Zealand, 14-Nov-2008. www.autocalculator****
28 Nov 2008
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*******StanMedley**** Stan Medley Presents 1950's and 60's TV Commercials - Part 1 of 3. Here is a compilation of classic TV commercials from the 50's and 60's.Producer: Ray Glasser Audio/Visual: sound, B&W
31 Dec 2008
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*******StanMedley**** Stan Medley Presents 1950's and 60's TV Commercials - Part 2 of 3. Here are more of the classic TV commercials from the 1950's and the 1960's.Producer: Ray Glasser Audio/Visual: sound, B&W
31 Dec 2008
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Http://stanmedley**** Stan Medley Presents 1950's and 60's TV Commercials - Part 3 of 3.Here is the third and final compilation of classic TV commercials from the 1950's and the 1960's.Producer: Ray Glasser Audio/Visual: sound, B&W
9 Feb 2009
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It will work better using a SMALL SCREEN FORMAT. A fragment (going on a loop) of the film of Jackson Pollock painting - shot by Hans Namuth (1950) and released as "Jackson Pollock 51" (1951). Sound is not synchronous. Available (with another short clip and
29 Jan 2009
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