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The original trunk floor was not terrible in our '68 Camaro "Reloaded" project, but it had some surface pitting and rust that we didn't like. The cure was a new OER trunk floor panel from Classic Industries. In this video, we show you the steps to removing the old panel and welding in the new one using an HTP MIG 200 welder.
24 Dec 2011
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The cowl boxes on our '68 Camaro were very rusty, so we decided to replace both using OER cowl box panels from Classic Industries. In this video, we show you the steps to removing the old boxes, sealing the new pieces with 3M Seam Sealer, and welding in the new ones using an HTP Hole Punch tool and MIG 200 welder.
26 Jan 2012
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Building a well handling car is all about the chassis. We've already put a Detroit Speed Coil Over conversion on our Camaro's front subframe and installed one of their Quadralink systems on the rear end. Now its time to connect the subframe and rear frame rails with a set of Detroit Speed Subframe Connectors that fit tightly to the Camaros underside.
22 Feb 2012
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Now that the Camaro was covered in BASF Epoxy Primer, It was time to make the car a roller and put the body panels back on. We start by installing the sub frame and making sure it is square. Once the car can roll, we started putting on doors, fenders, hood, etc. With a little persuasion, the gaps were all lined up and the car is ready for body work.
3 Mar 2012
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Once all the sheet metal had been put back on and the gaps had been set, our Camaro was ready for body work. Nathan covered each panel in body filler, then sanded them down to reveal high spots. He also took some time to shape the fiberglass hood and wing. Once he was happy with the shape of the car, he covered the whole thing in BASF Glasurit Sprayable Body Filler. After some more sanding, the car was ready for primer. Next time, sealer and base coat!
28 Mar 2012
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Our '68 Camaro "Reloaded" was primed and sanded, and now body tech Nathan Newberry applied several layers of BASF epoxy sealer to the car followed by Glasurit 55 Line Polyester Base Coat in "Silver Bullet" silver. Here's the process he took to make sure the color went down properly.
3 Apr 2012
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Now that the mechanicals in our '68 Camaro were functioning, it was time to put all the panels back on for the last time and spray paint and clear. Even though the car already had base coat, Nathan sprayed some more Glasurit 55 line "Silver Bullet" on the car, just to insure that it was completely covered. Then Nathan laid out the stripe filled up his 3M PPS cup with some "Gun Smoke" grey. Lastly, Nathan soaked the car in clear coat to leave it with a dripping wet shine.
21 Jun 2012
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This is so much fun to do!!!!!
5 Nov 2008
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The driver side frame rail on our '68 Camaro had a big crack in the arch of the rail. Instead of trying to repair the rail in the car, we removed the old one and replaced with it an OER frame rail from Classic Industries. In this video, we show you the removal process, fitting the new piece, protecting the mating surfaces, and welding it in with our HTP MIG 200 welder.
27 Jan 2012
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When you meet people in this world that help motivate others and help a community in such a way, just because they want to, you can't help but want to see them succeed. The Ovarian Cancer Orange County Alliance is just that... A group of women who truly care about improving the lives of others. Its an organization that we must recognize and place them in the public eye. We should all work together in always recognizing when others do the right thing and put each other first. Thanks for your help and support, God Bless.
14 May 2011
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E-Rider at the Franklin Ohio car show- on this show a 1969 Z28 and a Hi Pro 1968 Camaro and a Custom VW
6 Nov 2007
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6 Nov 2008
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