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check out our guide on how parallelism work when writing an academic or research paper, please watch and learn.
21 Feb 2019
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Essay is a shorter piece of writing that requires the student to demonstrate various skills such as close reading, analysis, persuasion, conciseness, clarity etc.
12 Mar 2019
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19 Mar 2019
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A research paper is a section of academic writing which comprises of an author’s original work on a certain topic, and the analyzed and interpreted details of the findings. College students are required to write research papers which can be doctoral dissertation, master’s thesis, term papers, among others. The process of writing such a paper can be made easier through the focus and the right organization. This study gives insights on how to write a research paper with details on; how to write a definition in an essay, how to write an essay describing yourself, how to write an essay conclusion, essay topics, and how to write an essay introduction.
26 Mar 2019
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Colloquialisms is an informal expression that is more often used in casual conversation than in formal speech or writing. In literature, colloquialism is the use of informal words, phrases, or even slang in a piece of writing.
2 Apr 2019
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Academic writing is a special sphere different from other writing contexts. Academic (formal) writing has a number of requirements, like: formal order or structure in which to present ideas, support ideas by properly made citations, particular ‘tone’, traditional conventions of punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
9 Apr 2019
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Academic writing is all about expressing opinion, yet this opinion needs to be presented as an objective, educated position based on sound evidence.
16 Apr 2019
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Generalization Is an extension of a concept to a less-specific criteria. Writers often use generalization if they cannot come up with specifics or be clear. Generalization leads to inaccuracy in statements, which is a serious flaw in a formal text.
30 Apr 2019
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Contraction is a shortened form of a word from which one or more letters have been omitted. The apostrophe is used in writing contractions. In standard English, this generally happens only with a small number of conventional items. While largely acceptable in speech, contractions are too informal and should not be used in academic writing.
7 May 2019
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Writing inclusively means to avoid expressions and words that exclude particular groups of people. For example, gender-specific words, like “man”, “mankind”, masculine or feminine pronouns etc. are considered to exclude other genders.
14 May 2019
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Proper readability is a significant factor that contributes to the overall perception and acceptance of your thoughts and arguments. Please, remember these golden rules of readability that apply irrespective of the type of your paper
28 May 2019
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Being concise is to write exactly what you have to, avoiding redundancy. Do not waffle, do not be evasive. In formal writing it is a sign of a good writing style to write as few words as possible to get to the point. It is one of the reasons why instructors impose word limits on written assignments.
10 Jun 2019
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