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Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and State FarmĀ® are educating elementary students about the dangers of underage alcohol use - the number one youth drug problem - by introducing Protecting You/Protecting MeĀ®(PY/PM) to Georgia schools. State Farm has donated the curriculum, training and materials to five FCCLA-affiliated high schools. High school students enrolled in this service-learning program will in turn teach PY/PM's life-saving curriculum to five elementary schools. "Protecting You/Protecting Me teaches grade school children about the harmful effects of alcohol before they face their first decision to drink it around age 12," said Glynn Birch, MADD national president. "Studies show that the human brain does not finish developing until a person is at least in their early 20s. The earlier we empower kids to make safe, healthy, legal choices, the better the chance they will wait until 21 to drink alcohol. Youth who have their first drink before the age of 19 are significantly more likely to become alcohol dependent and to drive after drinking than those who did not drink before age 19."
23 May 2012
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