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7,500 Views On Metacafe 7500 + 2,500 Views In Less Than 8 Weeks! Success! Anthony Giarrusso Canada24News Canada 24 News Executive Motivational Speaker Anthony Giarrusso Playlists Playlist Anthony Giarrusso Metacafe Playlist Search Me On Bing, Google, and Others! Canada24News Canada 24 News
18 Dec 2019
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This is part of a pilot we made for our local access channel back in 2005. It follows the adventures of Bob and Terrence as the try to avoid their landlord and go to work. It was never aired and so we decided to cut it up into little segments that would fit on YouTube. Unfortunately I don't feel like re-editing this piece so I had to download it from YouTube. Part 2 of 5 segments will be available for viewing here on Metacafe as soon as "part one" gets at least 500 views. Just a quick note the focus in the first part of the video is shakey because the backf ocus of the camera was out of adjustment. Plus we were unable to go back reshoot the opening so we're stuck with what we've got.
29 Jul 2007
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Some goals made by me in Fifa 2007, hope you enjoy watching my goals and if this video reaches 1,500 views or 5 requests to make more movies, I will make a huge Fifa 2008 movie, thanks for watching and enjoy . some tags: porn sex lesbian fun lol lmao rofl guildwars 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 wtc investigation dead worldwar 2 1 cool funny
20 Aug 2007
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this is the levitation done by me i will reveal it when i get 500 views so plz give some comments also they r important forme
7 Mar 2008
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This is the exact same video I posted without "Producer Awards" enabled in Meta cafe which has over 33,547 Views. this video that has the "Producer Awards" enabled has not even 500 views! humm same video, but not treated the same. I wonder if MetaCafe is fixing the "Producer Awards" because in theory this same video should have reached thousands of views by now. time to say good bye to MetaCafe people!
26 Oct 2008
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Card throw vanish plus card levitation with no strings attached. I'll reveal it when it reaches 500 views. Enjoy! Don't forget to rate and comment. Thanks! by dalejigsaw08
31 Mar 2009
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This was all made in one day. It's played on the X-Box 360 so the graphics aren't as good and the swing-set isn't as strong but it's still a great video. Take note that this is played in single player mode so we could only use this glitch backwards. The song is Firewind - "Steal Them Blind". This video will be moved to YouTube when I have 5,000 views. If the 5,000 views is not achieved it will be automaticly added on April 5, 2011. If the video reaches 2,500 views it will be added to MySpace or automaticly added April 5, 2010. Comment, Rate, Subscribe, and Enjoy.
5 Apr 2009
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*******www.dennyscottphotos**** Danica Patrick photos at the 2009 Indianapolis 500. View more photos at my website.
5 Aug 2009
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WOW!!! 73.500 views! 205 ratings! THNX u guys~ KEEP IT UP! The last mission of call of duty modern warfare 2. Enjoy! Please subscibe me Download here: *******downloadfilehere****/Cega91232/Warfare2 cod modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 pc modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 multiplayer modern warfare 2 maps modern warfare 2 weapons buy modern warfare 2 call of duty modern warfare 2 call modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 cheats modern warfare 2 army modern warfare 2 bots preorder modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 clan modern warfare 2 world modern of warfare 2 modern warfare 2 information modern warfare 2 website cod5 modern warfare 2 cod6 modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 updates order modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 poster about modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 article modern warfare 2 blog modern warfare 2 date modern warfare 2 debut modern warfare 2 download modern warfare 2 exclusive modern warfare 2 feature modern warfare 2 features modern warfare 2 list modern warfare 2 new features modern warfare 2 photos modern warfare 2 picture modern warfare 2 preview modern warfare 2 price modern warfare 2 setting modern warfare 2 suggestions modern warfare 2 systems modern warfare 2 t new modern warfare 2 modern warfare 2 forum modern warfare 2 info modern warfare 2 release modern warfare 2 wikipedia modern warfare 2 offical site modern warfare 2 rating modern warfare 2 perks modern warfare 2 screens modern warfare 2 cover modern warfare 2 review modern warfare 2 twiiter modern warfare 2 official perks for modern warfare 2 perks in modern warfare 2
26 Feb 2010
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*******polldaddy****/user/3900087/ *******capperawards2010.webs****/ 0:30 Holy Grail of Blogtv Last night was the broadcast of what many are describing as "the new holy grail" This show featured three teenage girls exposing it all back to back for 20 minutes straight while an invisible mod was in the room the entire time. 1:28 Thanks for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving day presented more win in 2 hours then most full 24 hour days can get. We will be discussing more on this on our Motherless and Metacafe accounts but for this edition we talk about just two of the big events from that day including Makenzie and Paige's show from Wickedcamchat. 2:23 A reluctant Kayla flashes on BlogTV again Charles reports on two girls from Thanksgiving day who were struck by the amount of views they were getting. They would make a poll asking what viewers wanted to see at 500 views (all of which being dirty) and the end result was disappointing. 3:45 Amy's show in Nov. 24th Charles reports on everyone's favourite Cambodian girl, Amy, as she returned to BlogTV late on the night leading to November twenty fifth. 5:24 Charmander Gets Wicked 4th place Cam Whore of the Year 2009 was seen on wickedcamchat following the Makenzie and Paige show. 5:40 The New Tinychat Tinychat has now unblocked nearly every room they ever closed. This includes the rightnow rooms, the bate rooms, the hang outs, the 404 rooms, and many more. Also tinychat saw a weird broadcast involving drunk girls and puke. 6:10 Voting Begins Voting for the 2010 Capper Awards is now open, we explain a little on what's new this year and introduce the nominees for the 2010 Camwhore of the Year.
7 Dec 2010
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FACEBOOK CREDIT GENERATOR 2011 DOWNLOAD LINK- *******www.paisalive****/register.asp?2071076-4656056 and *******sharecash****/download.php?file=2049309 ........... please generate 100 credit in a day.... WHEN U CHOOSE 2 WAY PLEASE LEAVE EMAIL ID IN COMMENT....... IF U WANT MORE HACKS PLEASE ..... SAY ALL GUYS TO WATCH THIS VIDEO ... please advertise my video link after 500 view or 500 likes i will upload on mediafire dont forget to suscribe enjoy with facebook credit generator 2011
29 Jun 2011
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Download file here: *******loadcyber****/kelle1115/treats This is a video of me hacking wild ones for a pet! NO DAMN SURVEYS!!! enjoy! my email is warkilldoomgmail**** email me for a special reward!-CMON ARE YOU GONNA E-MAIL ME OR WHAT?! PLS,PEOPLE YOU GET A REWARD! THANX FOR 500 VIEWS! making a new video now! 16 MORE LIKES OR 5 MORE SUBBERS FOR A NEW VIDEO! 600 VIEWS IS ENOUGH FOR A NEW VID OFCOUSE! PS.subbers get a reward!
26 Aug 2011
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