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Willie joined 911 Truth and said that suspicions about 911 were always on his mind. Willie then performed at the Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles and *******wearechangela**** arrived to help support Willie's brave stance re 911 Truth. Thanks Willie
9 Feb 2009
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Business Cards have traditionally been small cards bearing business information about a company or individual. A new version of these cards have been popping up around the planet which is being used as an inexpensive way to leave information about a product, service or other type of information. These types of cards have been used most recently to promote presidential candidate, Ron Paul's political campaign. The reason they work so well is because the information on the card is brief enough that the individual reading it is not overwhelmed with information, but are left with a small piece of art which is eye appealing, easy to read, and puts a tempting question in the mind that begs to be answered. 911 Truth Cards seeks to bring this information art form to the 911 Truth Movement by providing the movement with high quality, yet inexpensive cards which will enable the truth movement to leave others with information which will leave them questioning a certain part of the official story. A link will also be provided to lead them to a some of the most popular 911 videos or you can even provide a link to your own 911 website.
8 Sep 2009
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Featuring Dr Steven Jones and Architect Richard Gage and Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Close to 400 people attended. Highlights of This video... interviews with members of *******wearechangela**** and *******truther**** where they are working to make the truth "hip".
24 Feb 2008
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*******wacla**** *******meetthetruthers****
2 Jun 2008
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Here is one of them! *******meetthetruthers****
22 Oct 2008
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20 Oct 2011
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Video promoting the The Week of Truth April 16-22 and busting out 911 Truth
15 Apr 2008
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Here a clear example why Americans have a dilemma in a contradiction while digressing "9-11 conspiracies." Not only should it come as a shock, but unprovolked attempts violating your fundamental structured beliefs. Now to console you support comes from familiar faces and voices you've grown to trust. Those anchors or correspondants having been instructed by corporate media heretics that are wielding spells of mass deception behind the scenes. Still, they are familiar enough it helps to defend that fragile vulnerable mental framework we have so become to it conditioned. What's not to understand? What may be not so apparent are these efforts are better defined as coercments, made on behalf of corporate/ government/ media and now global market interests and they are all now becoming one in the same? So is it no surprize that together "yours and their" posture would be the one presumed correct and the other as being nonesense? Even though the other side presents an arguement in violent opposition and has hands down more actual facts, stronger proof that should equate, to an un-biased group; as undeniably "more compelling evidence submitted to the contrary." Logic aside, understand first that persoanal perceptions are derived more noteably, 'not' from the words; but within the inflections of ones tone. Thus posturing of a view point is a craft in itself. An articulation that manifests in the manorisms presented which are conveyed visually and unwittingly hard wired to the brain and on tap after having triggered this mechanism. "A priority message" over riding any logical supposition that is what will be in the moments to follow that which becomes "a confirmation," and disparingly so it is ingested as a true or universally accepted belief. . 8-21-07
21 Aug 2007
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This is the real truth....USA plot to go to Iraq for oils rights!
22 Mar 2008
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www.MikeShoenForCongress**** Mike Shoen for Congress in a primarily republican district vs. Ben Quayle. Mike Shoen is a former prosecutor and trial attorney who is running for congress for Arizona District 3 2010 election. Mike is a true Ron Paul Conservative / Republican / Libertarian. Comment Subscribe and Vote for me, Thank you! Mike. Mike Shoen will bring to trial the co-conspirators for the CRIMES of 9/11, constitute the largest capital murder crime in the history of the United States! The Murders of 9/11 and the property damage, And the largest crime against property! It has been 9 years and NO - ONE has been tried. NO Co-CONSPIRATORS have BEEN TRIED! In Fact NO CO-CONSPIRATORS have been CHARGED! The Reason is I am sorry to say is "SOMEONE is STOPPING THEM"! Why would someone want to NOT Try the CO-CONSPIRATORS for CRIMES of 9/11?? Think about that for a minute...WHY??? Google the words: 1993 WTC Salem. The Defense attorneys proved FBI was a MAJOR CO-CONSPIRATOR to the bombing, to the World Trade center in 1993! The Danger to the CO-CONSPIRATORS is that through the discovery process, that is or was a CO-CONSPIRATOR, Uncover other CO-CONSPIRATORS who are involved and if there is an intelligence organization or a governmental organization, they DO NOT want to have a trial. The largest capital murder crime in the history of the United States and the largest crime against property, in the History of the United States in 9 years, NO CO-CONSPIRATORS HAVE BEEN TRIED OR EVEN CHARGED!!! "Keep America Safe; members are William Kristol former PNAC member, Liz Cheney - Dick Cheney's Daughter and Anne Montgomery, these 3 people have lead the charge to NOT CHARGE Any Accused CO-CONSPIRATORS. The Chairman of the 9/11 commission said “The commission was lied to at all levels of government and military". Max Cleland *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Max_Cleland *******www.911truth****/article.php?story=20040525104145424 Max Cleland resigned from the commission last November with the words, "Bush is scamming America." The largest organization of firefighters editor of their publications said "the investigation of 9/11 is a FARCE;Fire Engineering magazine's criticisms of the investigation of the WTC collapse. *******www.public-action****/911/firemen.html The CO-CONSPIRATORS need to be TRIED. We have to get down to the bottom of his. It would indicate that an intelligence organization was involved in the crimes of 9/11 Google: Tenet Atta ISI Find out the information for yourself Youtube: Venice Flying circus The 9/11 commission was a FAILURE! These types of questions can be answered and we should do it, rather than predicating a bunch of wars on the occurrence of 9/11 when it may not be what we thought it was. Vote for Mike Shoen Libertarian for district 3 Arizona Comment, Subscribe and Vote for me, Thank you! Mike. *******www.FreedomsPhoenix**** invites all candidates to the studio. Produced by *******www.PhoenixBizTV****
15 Oct 2010
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We Are Change LA *******wearechangela**** was joined by our founder from NYC Luke Rudowski and Cosmo from San Francisco. This was in anniversary of 1 year of street actions for 911 Truth on the 11th day of each month. Turns out a lot of us had birthdays too. So we are sharing some love and celebrating *******wearechangela**** *******wearechange**** *******
9 Feb 2009
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Sponsor: FreeKeene**** - Plainfield, New Hampshire tax protester addresses the public 5 months after Fed Marshals seized her at her home home in October '07. keywords: liberty freedom free state project new hampshire state house legislature ron paul dave ridley report libertarian democrat republican politics hillary clinton barack obama real id john mccain ed brown john lynch free talk live lauren canario illuminati jesuit conspiracy theory resister 911 truth
10 Mar 2008
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