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Sense and manage problems in their smallest state, before they become bigger and turned out to be lethal.” • Reduce revenue leakage which supports increase in revenue • Improve stakeholder confidence and trust • Increase the probability of achieving goals Your business operates in highly uncertain environments. This uncertainty brings a high level of risk to your company.
24 Jul 2019
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Physical Gold launches video to educate investors on portfolio protection In today’s day and age of continuous uncertainty, investors have limited choices when it comes to selecting safe and stable asset classes. Gold has long been known as an asset class that provides value and stability. It’s no surprise therefore that smart investors always pick gold within their asset allocation. In this video, Daniel Fisher, CEO of Physical Gold provides you with a seven-point rationale for doing so. Daniel talks about how gold can protect against volatility, economic uncertainty, inflation and currency risks. He also discusses how gold provides protection, stability and balance through tax efficiency, liquidity and safety.
25 Jul 2019
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The comprehensive Air Transportation Industry Marketing List which features contact details of decision making executives related to the Air Transportation Industry. We understand the uncertainties and risks associated with the Transportation Industry.
9 Aug 2019
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Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty: The New Rules for Getting the Right Things Done in Difficult Times by Ram Charan To purchase the entire handout, with its accompanying audio presentation, go to www.15minutebusinessbooks****. Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Apr 2009
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Throughout life, many people are continually tested with circumstances that feel out of their control. Uncertainty (not knowing the future and dreading the worst) sets in. Stress, anxiety and depression are often the byproducts of these kinds of situations. One can feel hopeless, frustrated and even suicidal... but there is hope. Throughout the Bible, there are numerous examples where faith saved countless individuals from the most dire of consequences. What was the solution to these problems? Jesus Christ. He is the Way the Truth and the Life. The first and last of these concepts applies to dealing with uncertainty. This video addresses the concept of uncertainty and reminds us of the hope and resource we already have, and the promise of the world to come.
12 Feb 2010
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Knuckleball: The Uncertainties of (a) Life
2 Mar 2012
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*******www.CashPureAndSimple**** markcashpureandsimpe**** Don't let fear and uncertainty kill your dream of abundance and prosperity for you and your family. Cash gifting is real. Cash gifting does work.
18 Oct 2008
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EFT is very powerful and Ho'oponopono is very powerful. The two technologies combined create an awesome vortex that takes you straight into the arms of the Creator. Here you will find answers to all your problems and the reassurance that you are loved and cared for. This meditation is designed for people who are experiencing fear and uncertainty and anyone else who would like to discover unconditional love.
16 Aug 2009
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The trailer for the upcoming Uncertainty movie.
29 Oct 2009
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Uncertainty movie trailer 2008 Lynn Collins ... Kate Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... Bobby Assumpta Serna ... Sylvia Nelson Landrieu ... Felix Manoel Felciano ... Greg Jenn Colella ... Emily Giana Luca ... Annabelle Sofia Luca ... Adelaide
12 Nov 2009
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Has your life taken a wrong turn? No worries! Uncertainties are a part of live. Worrying too much however is debilitating, and brings unnecessary discomfort. Learn how to stop over-worrying today!
29 Mar 2013
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*******www.minisplitwarehouse****/page/samsung-split-ac Samsung Split AC not Cooling. Exit to your Uncertainties! Many heat pumps work to a certain temperature, lower temperatures might damage your device. For information call us 877-770-3548.
31 Mar 2013
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Part 3 of the 5-part series. What's that behind you? When you fear looking to see what's making those sounds behind you, does THAT make it easier to be serious?
10 Sep 2006
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*******www.globalchange**** When world changes – how long does it take to develop new business strategy? Scenario planning vital to business success, contingencies, risk management, disruption of business, disaster planning, terrorist attacks. Global trends. September 11 and impact on aviation industry / British Airways business models. Rapid response to changes, currency crisis, political crisis. Multiple plans, dynamic leadership, flat leadership structures. Banks and insurance industry planning. Innovative thinking. Keeping business options open. Innovation in Google, experiments. Oil industry risk, fixed infrastructure investment. Strategy, leadership, management, risk, change, trends, scenarios, planning, business, leaders, managers, Patrick, Dixon
9 Feb 2009
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Selections from the film Leading To War. Watch the Bush administration press for war in Iraq. Even if you watched the news at the time, you'll be surprised. Further discussion can be found at *******www.LeadingToWar****
19 Jan 2009
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Jerry refers a troubled friend to a ministry at his church geared to lend a listening ear to those in need.
1 Jul 2009
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