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Her voice is still doing great, and people love her just as much as always. This was a very cheerful concert by Whitney Houston at Central Park on September 1st, 2009 whitney houston nyc central park summer 2009 new york city
3 Sep 2009
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Michael jackson Gets Award from Whitney houston
3 Sep 2009
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Goal: Dance With Whitney Houston! How?: Dance With Everyone Else First! Where?: Anywhere! Contact ME If YOU Wanna Dance! facebook****/JOEYFLORES1 twitter****/idance2whitney
9 May 2010
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Aufnahmen während der Show von Whitney Houston in Birmingham waren eigentlich verboten. Was Deutschlands härteste Musik-Kritiker Marzel Becker und Stephan Heller trotzdem gehört haben und ob es sich lohnt, Tickets für die Deutschland-Konzerte von Whitney Houston zu kaufen, verraten becker & heller im Videoblog. Eure Meinung und Bewertung (1-5 Sterne) jetzt posten.
16 Apr 2010
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Whitney Houston's comeback tour has been riddled with problems. First, she says she has a cold and cancels performances. Now, a video shows her performing, but unable to hit the notes.
20 Apr 2010
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Rausgeschmissenes Geld. Deutschlands härteste Musik-Kritiker Marzel Becker und Stephan Heller über das missratene Konzert von Whitney Houston in Berlin. Eure Meinung jetzt posten. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 May 2010
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Krächz-Diva, Ex-Diva oder Jetzt erst recht-Diva? Deutschlands härteste Musik-Kritiker Marzel Becker und Stephan Heller über das Konzert von Whitney Houston in Hamburg. Eure Meinung jetzt posten. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 May 2010
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BY BRICE SANDER ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Crack is whack, but it might still be a problem for Whitney Houston. The songstress announced she’s re-entered rehab- for the third time this decade. But the reason why? That’s a mystery. HLN let’s us in on what her rep’s saying: ANCHOR: “Her rep says the singer/actress voluntarily entered the program to support her long-standing recovery process. No details about where Whitney Houston is getting treatment, though, or what triggered it.” But people aren’t buying it. A blogger for the Frisky says that explanation’s bull. “Here’s my hunch—this is all legalese. Whitney isn’t sayin’ she has a problem with drugs or booze, but she’s drying out—er,cleansing—from one or both and the monitor is to make sure she sticks to it. In other words, she’s (probably) on a booze and drug sabbatical!” The Hollywood Reporter suggests we should’ve seen this coming. “Houston, who has battled problems with drug addiction for years, declared herself clean in 2009, the same year she released a comeback album. She has since delivered a series of shotty live performances.” As a WRC blogger notes, Houston’s rehab stay comes at a time when she probably doesn’t want any added attention. “This announcement comes as Whitney's 18 year-daughter with singer Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown, battles allegations she was photographed at a party doing drugs.” Others suggest Houston’s return to rehab might have something to do with Angela Bassett’s recent announcement on The Talk. SHARON OSBOURNE: “Now, do you have something to tell us?” ANGELA BASSETT: “Well, it’s preliminary, but it’s gonna happen. You know, Waiting to Exhale 2.” ANGELA BASSETT: “She’s written the screenplay.” HOLLY ROBINSON-PEETE: “So are you in talks? I mean are we gonna get Loretta back?” ANGELA BASSETT: “Absolutely! Loretta loves to work. Loretta, Lela, Whitney! Forrest!” Yep, a Waiting to Exhale sequel, set to go into production later this year. As an OK Magazine writer suggests, Houston might be sobering up so she- and her fans- don’t miss out on a real comeback. “...the return of Whitney Houston to the big screen will be well worth its wait! … [H]er return to the silver screen will be the first since the 1996 film, The Preacher’s Wife.” Houston’s been enrolled in the program a little over a week on an out-patient basis. No word on when she’ll be out. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your newsfeed. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
10 May 2011
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Whitney Houston would not buckle her seatbelt for a Delta airline crew.
14 Oct 2011
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Whitney Houston has reportedly lost all of her fortune.
24 Jan 2012
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In this video taken on the night of November 9th 2012 and thought to be the last time Whitney Houston was seen in public alive the singer is seen for a pre Grammy party and did not appear to look well.
12 Feb 2012
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The world lost it's voice today. Whitney Houston has died at age 48. A sad end for a wonderful talent. We will always love her. She died old at a very young age. We must all learn control. Bit it food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or depression. Depression can kill. In an effort to remove the pains in life people ruin their bodies and in turn cut short their lives. May she now find peace. Our goal should be , to Die Young but at a very Old Age!
12 Feb 2012
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