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ABC's Brian Ross was the person who broke the story of Rep. Mark Foley. Tonight on ABC News, Ross gave a more indepth report, including the text of instant messages that Foley allegedly exchanged with these minors.
17 Oct 2006
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Lost 3x12 promo ABC
12 Mar 2007
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Bikini Open ABC Hotel With GVFM99.1
28 May 2007
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me beatboxing and singing my abc's at the same time with a digital voice!!!this beat is mad crazy you gotta check it out!!
7 Jun 2007
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Use the ABC's as a way to create anything imaginable. More importantly, use it as a tool to BE HERE NOW. Use this as a way to enjoy the Present. Use it for survival and emergency situations. This simple technique is a blend of many disciplines from Eastern and Western philosophies field tested in remote Alaska, proven effective and honed to excellence over the course of more than a decade. The ABC's have proven themselves time and again during wild wilderness adventure, survival experiences and spiritual warrior training. One major aspect of the profound ways that this works is employed by the FAA. They too have their ABC's of survival during an in-flight emergency. Pilots are required to know and to be able to perform the ABC's learned in flight school: Airspeed, Best place to land, and Checklist. "You have less than seven seconds from the time you realize there is an emergency in flight," my flight instructor warned me, "to go through the ABCs and ameliorate the danger. Otherwise you have to make an emergency or crash landing." So I practiced and I practiced. And one day I had to use them and they saved my brothers and my life after the engine quit and we fell out of the sky. The ABC's are presented to you here as an unconditional gift and as an invitation to explore, discover and share the beauty of Nature and wilderness of Alaska ~ Hawaii and paradise locations around the world. Mostly, the ABC's are a way for you and your Source to more fully communicate and cooperate for mutual benefit Visit dakinetv**** or send an email: makemoviesdakinetv****
25 Jun 2007
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This is an ABC - Koat live interview of Tommaso Gavioli, Italian Ferrara Balloons Festival Media Manager, during the past Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Ferrara Balloons Festival of Ferrara is the biggest Italian Balloons Festival ( Come to fly!!
28 Jun 2007
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For many years, governments and non-governmental organizations have promoted an ABC approach to preventing HIV and AIDS. ABC stands for Abstain from sex until marriage, Be faithful to a single partner, and use a Condom every time you have sex. ABC has some known limitations. This video discusses those limitations and additional things we can do to prevent the spread of HIV. SAVE stands for Safer practices, Access to antiretroviral medications, Voluntary counseling and testing, and Empowerment and Education. DEF stands for Disclosure in safety, Education and empowerment, and Female-controlled prevention methods. Medically performed male circumcision with counseling can also reduce the risk that men will contract HIV via heterosexual intercourse.
2 Jul 2007
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Ann Romney on ABC's Good Morning America
28 Jul 2007
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On Aug. 19, a debate for the Democratic contenders for 2008 was hosted in Iowa by ABC news. At the same time, ABC put up a prominent poll on their website, asking the question, "Who is winning the debate?" When candidate Dennis Kucinich took the lead by a very large margin, ABC took down the poll, and then replaced it with another poll: "Who won the debate?" After Dennis took the lead, again winning handily, ABC dropped the second survey from prominence on its website. Users posting comments in ABC's Politics page reported having their comments deleted, and demanded explanation of ABC's actions. ABC news has still neither posted an explanation nor officially reported the results of its survey. In ABC's official story of the debates, however, Kucinich gets a whole spot all to himself: the last three paragraphs of the entire piece. Nowhere else is he mentioned. On the "Politics Page" of ABC's website, the photo of all the candidates was missing Dennis Kucinich. He had been deliberately cropped out of the picture. The original, from an AP photographer, had all the candidates in it. During the program, Dennis was not asked a question by host George Stephanopoulos until a third of the way through the debate. In the entire debate, Kucinich only accounted for 8.5% of the response times. However, in the crucial first half - crucial because the majority of viewers only watch the first half - he was only allowed 3.4% of the time - the least of all the candidates.
1 Sep 2007
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Paródia da música "Abc dos Jackson's five, trabalho do colégio Santa dorotéia. Parody of the music "ABC" by jackson's five, homework from Santa dorotéia's school from brasília-Brasil
17 Sep 2007
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Cute 3 year old little girl sings her ABCs.
20 Nov 2007
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ABC song sung by my cute little niece Alexandra.
18 Dec 2007
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