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Enjh diyaan peshiyaan #Haider di dhee ty ayiaan #Ali #Moula #imam #hussain #hassan #asghar Waallaan vich muh lukaya Hath rassiyan karriyaan paayiaan #akbar #ghazi #abbas #qasim #hurr #zain Saddi azmattaan vich aayiaan Hin aayttaan quraani #karbala #karbalamoula #shaheed #massom #muharram Phir kaanoo ay radaawan naiza de naal chaiyaan Na lahao gushwary masooma gul badan dy Dittiyan c khoon ro ro abid ne ay duhaiyaan Enj di peshiyaan Haider dhee ty ayiaan Kis gal ty teer aya kisy seenay ayi berchi Enjh khoon diyaan nadiyaan haye zalma chalayiaan Sadda laal oh kharraway Jo Jo v matami ay Kashif arooj Zahra ne jhooliyan uthaiyaan Enj diyaan peshiyaan Haider di dhee This Video Presents by SSS Gold Productions Subscribe to my chanel for watch our more upcoming videos & Stay Tuned with us for live perfomances We creat music albums, sufi music, classical, video albums and much more. So, you want to contact us our contact information is below.
2 Oct 2019
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My name is Spencer Howells. I am from US. Cash App is similarly straightforward to present and utilize than different rivals from the fragment. To make use of Cash App you want to download Cash App from an application store or play with the store. After that abide by the instructions as brief on-screen. Enter your phone, email accounts data, etc. At that point select your record type-business or individual. What's more, your listing has proven to be prepared to send/get reserves. In case you need some assistance, you'll be able to contact Cash App client support to appreciate The Way to Get Cash App Client Service.
23 Nov 2019
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Accredit Licensed Money Lender Singapore | Personal Loan Singapore extensive work with distressed borrowers and VWOs have led to a significant and tangible benefit to the lives of distressed borrowers. Our customer-centric philosophy leads us to abide by good lending practices, and we constantly push ourselves to raise our standards of lending even higher. Call at 6261 2662 for more information about licensed money lender in Singapore or visit our website. Address : 18, #01-04 Jln Membina, Singapore, SG 164018 Phone : 6261 2662
7 Mar 2020
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Indian police are no slouches when it comes to beating up people when they don't abide by the rules! You don't follow the coronavirus lockdown, you get beaten up!
23 Mar 2020
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If people are going to be this stubborn about not abiding by the quarantine, police do have to take drastic measures like these! These are some hard hits by those policemen!
2 Apr 2020
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The El Salvador policemen aren't taking people who are not abiding by the quarantine rules lightly! They are being parading them around town and publicly shaming them. Stay indoors!
20 Apr 2020
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what are the few things everyone looks for in a party? It should have the perfect venue, food, décor and music. These are the lifelines of a party making it the symbol of entertainment, fun and frolic. Parties these days are not as simple as what they have been in the extreme past. Now a days even the simplest party plans include the most complex ideas, and reproducing them can be pretty tough. Many plans consist of a thematic sequence abiding by which is essential. Whether it is a bridal or baby shower, birthday party or a celebratory event, all are planned following spectacular designs for party decorations in Long Island. Some of the procedures of planning the best party; covering a particular theme or otherwise; will be.
21 Apr 2020
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We specialize in professional auto glass replacement with the best cash value deal in the Valley. We efficiently handle the auto glass while offering dedicated service and absolute commitment to excellence. Best Deal Auto Glass has flourished and continues to abide by the statement of purpose “bring extraordinary value to our customers, without ever sacrificing quality or safety.”This mission statement has carried our company to the highest ratings that customers can give in our industry, as we continue to excel in windshield repair and windshield replacement.
28 Apr 2020
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Not everybody is abiding by the rules of lockdown. Some people are too sneaky, thus the cops had to play hide and seek with them.
5 May 2020
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How to earn 1 Crore Rupees in the next 12 months? We accomplished the target of earning 1 Crore rupees within just ten months. Since our childhood we have been told to live a reasonable life. We have been told to not be ambitious in life. I don't abide by these rules. Life isn't meant to play it small. I am sharing with you the mantra and the strategy to earn 1 Crore Rupees in the next 12 months by sharing your knowledge and expertise with people. Empower people to help them learn more and grow in their lives. Earn money with utmost satisfaction and fulfilment by helping others achieve more. There is so much that you have to offer to the world. Watch the complete video and share it with others so that others can be benefitted as well. I am determined to make you financially stable and live an extraordinary life.
16 May 2020
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How to get access to OnlyFans Premium Account Generator Hack In this website, users can upload the videos and photos on created profiles. But you have a monthly subscription fee for accessing OnlyFans profile. This way it earns money from all the subscribers or Fans in other words. OnlyFans website is available only for 18+ age users. You have to fill a binding contract certifying that you fulfill the age and abide by all the other policy terms and conditions of the website before subscribing. You will be registered if you do not fulfill these conditions. How to Register For creating an account you have to first Register on OnlyFans by providing basic information like email address, username, and password. You can also continue with your valid Twitter account. In any case, you have to provide complete and valid information for registration. You must agree with the terms and conditions of the website. All the features of the website are fully governed by OnlyFans Privacy Policy.
29 May 2020
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The ketogenic diet is not only considered one of the most effective weight loss tools, but it has also been proven to have many health benefits. Ketosis is a state in which the body produces ketones in the liver, shifting the body's metabolism from glucose to the use of fat. You must strictly abide by discipline, pay attention to all carbohydrates you eat, and make sure you count all carbohydrates. For example, eating mint can also affect ketosis and weight loss. Sometimes even if the label says "sugar free", it doesn’t It must be "no carbohydrate." Another reason for not losing weight may be that you eat too many low-carbohydrate foods, which can cause appetite. Stress is also related to hypothyroidism and adrenal gland problems. This has a negative impact on your metabolic rate and will cause Losing weight becomes more difficult, try to relax, try to meditate, rest for a few days, and take regular walks. Insufficient sleep and circadian rhythm disorders may also be the cause of weight loss. Only adequate sleep, diet and exercise can achieve the maximum weight loss. Try to ensure 7-9 hours of adequate sleep every day. Need to have a Keto Diet Plan Just for you try check this link >>> https: // bit .ly / 31PTqSu
14 Aug 2020
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Hindi film famous actor Paresh Rawal character name Kanchilal ji case against all God and Goddess of all religions. He claimed the natural calamities are abided by the all gods and goddesses. For this reason he wants to compensate al his losses due to thunder storm and earthquake. He is sculpture and statue seller.
26 Aug 2020
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Ramagiq is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fashion apparel, Women Dresses, Designer Dresses, medical clothing, disposable drapes, doctor dresses, doctor coat etc. Quality and value of money are the ethos we abide by hence use premium quality raw materials and deliver latest trend and designs. Our product line encompasses • Fashion Apparel • Women Dresses • Designer Dresses • Medical Clothing • Medical Scrub • Surgical Gown • Nurse Wear • Attendant Wear • Doctor General Wear • Hospital Staff Wear. Our range of medical clothing provides excellent range of uniforms that is available in various sizes , colors , patterns and designs. With an in-house team of designers our entire collection of fashion apparel and health care apparel are beautifully designed with strategically placed pockets for use. In order to maintain quality we have stringent quality checks at all levels also we offer customizations as per measurements provided by the buyer.
14 Sep 2020
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Top real estate agents in Glen Iris is truly abided by their duties to the home hunters who want to provide a shelter of its own to their family members. How much luxuries and spacious your rental home is; it can’t appeal to your emotions. Todd Braggins, Zali Reynolds, Victoria wolk, Tamsin Curclo, Priya sodhi understand that many landlords put a lot of restrictions on their tenants like consuming water tank for consequently 2-3 days.
1 Oct 2020
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This is how you should punish those drivers who do not abide by traffic rules. They will stop on the crosswalk where people cross.
1 Oct 2020
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