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This baby gets asked how his father sleeps and here's his answer. Beyond cute.
26 Dec 2019
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Even though this little puppy will one day grow up to be one scary-looking dog, it so beyond cute when it's a puppy. Look at those angelic eyes!
6 Jan 2020
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This has to be the cutest thing on the internet today! Those are the faces of pure innocence!
21 Feb 2020
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Otters are already one of the most adorable creatures out there and this baby otter is just like an aquatic puppy!
1 Mar 2020
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These animals are absolutely adorable! With populations in the wild declining fast, conservation efforts like these are key to saving the species. With that being said, baby manatees are just like human babies!
10 Apr 2021
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Don't let his age stop you from watching this clip - he is absolutely adorable and a good dancer, and even at his age, most guys would kill to have his body. I'm happy he made it through. He's so funny!
27 Jun 2006
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if you couldnt tell I sped up the video. i cant really fold that fast. i would have shown how to fold it but that would take a couple hours. it took me half an hour to fold it myself and ive been folding them for ever. perfect for valentines. girls absolutely ADORE them. TRUST ME! I know. and it really does look AMAZING
7 Feb 2007
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Voice Mail Taz And Raz! 910-446-0186 Call And Leave A Voice Comment TAZ~N~RAZ'z Phone Number! Be Sure To Look For Taz~N~Raz'z Comment Video, Everyone who leaves a voice comment can watch Taz~N~Raz'z Expressions, When They Listen To Your Comments! TAZ~N~RAZ day 08 Milkin It Again Our two baby pet squirrels, one laying on his back, drinking his formula (cats milk) out of their little bottle. They are 7 weeks old and absolutely adorable! Enjoy!
28 May 2008
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This video I made about Iker Casillas because I absolutly adore him! This is the same video as I have on my youtube channel, which is named "CarliitOsGiirl"
11 Feb 2009
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This is one of my compositions. I absolutly adore movie soundtracks and so I decided to attempt writing one. I was very much inspired after watching Anne of Green gables on film. The background music is absolutly beautiful.I was also inspired by Yiruma. One of the most amazing korean composers I've ever heard. His music is Phenominal. In any case I hope you enjoy this.
6 Feb 2009
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*******www.Vacation2Prosperity**** ((MOR Vacations)) Shhhhh –the beer company probably does not want you to know this. This video is on something you don’t see very often. A major beer company keeps a lot of their Clydesdales in a remote area between Branson and Springfield, Missouri. Brand new colts that were absolutely adorable.
4 Sep 2009
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*******www.polymerclaytv**** This week we have a demo Christi Friesen did at the Orlando Clay Fandango *******www.oapcguild**** Steampunk is all the rage now and her Steampunk bunny came out absolutely adorable. You will have to go to the Polymer Clay TV website to see the entire demo as it was too large for some of the video sites including You Tube. Enjoy!
24 Apr 2009
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