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Our specialized Database of Director of Chemical Substance Abuse can assure high delivery of your campaigns through the most preferred marketing channels.
10 Oct 2019
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This kid's head quite literally looks like it belongs to an alien. That was not nice to hit the kid's head, but guess bald people get subjected to that abuse regularly.
3 Oct 2019
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Crocs make the perfect crown for a cat. Look for yourself. Now this cat will rule us all.
25 Sep 2019
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All about drugs. I bring up some points you might not have thought about.
8 Oct 2019
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Centered Recovery Programs is a mindfulness-based non-12 step drug abuse treatment and education program offering intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial hospitalization (PHP) services to the metro Atlanta area. Our program combines traditional mental health therapies through one-on-one counseling with holistic therapies and a strong skills development program specifically designed to help our clients realize their own innate health to overcome even the toughest addictions. Call at 833-228-9014 for more information about alcohol rehab in Georgia or visit our website. Address : 1250 Upper Hembree Rd, Ste. E, Roswell, GA 30076, USA Phone : 833-228-9014
20 Sep 2019
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ClinicTracker, established in 2000, is a cloud-based integrated electronic health record (EHR), practice management and billing software that is specifically designed to meet the needs of mental health practitioners and substance abuse agencies.
23 Sep 2019
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Professional Counselors Mailing List from Globalb2bcontacts enables you to reach medical professionals that provide mental health and substance abuse care. With the help of Professional Counselors Mailing List you will be able to expand your business. This Professional Counselors Email marketing is therefore procured from authentic sources, updated and cleansed regularly so as to ensure that all marketing database added to the list is able to take prospects marketing campaigns to the right inboxes. We can help you with the counselor mailing list, through which you can reach out to your target audience segment. When collecting data for the Counselors we strive to ensure all subspecialties of Counselors are included in the list so that it is comprehensive and beneficial to those looking for different services. Professional Counselors Mailing List, Professional Counselors Mailing Database
26 Sep 2019
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With our Addiction Counselors Email List connect with reputed Addiction Counselors from well-known De-addiction Centers & boost your market reach to get more leads & win profitable deals. Addiction Counselors are trained medical professionals that help substance abuse patients or addicts to get rid of their addiction & resume a healthy life.
27 Sep 2019
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Some people never teach their kids to be nice with animals. That toddler was aiming for that dog. Future animal abusers.
8 Oct 2019
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DEALING WITH THE DANGERS OF INHALANT ABUSE "PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AND LOVED ONES March 19th & 25th is National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week. Millions of children are abusing household and commercial products to get high & products you might never even suspect. The practice is known as huffing, bagging, sniffing or dusting. Users intentionally inhale harmful fumes or vapors from everyday household products for a quick and intense high. They are cheap, easy to get and are abused by over 2 million young people age 12-17 each year and that number is on the rise. Experts say parents and kids are in need of education on the subject of inhalant abuse particularly the dangers and warning signs associated with it. Some warning signs of inhalant abuse: Numbness in tongue / mouth Nausea and/or vomiting Redness in the eyes Spots or sores around the mouth For more information and resources visit the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition at www.inhalants****.
28 Nov 2006
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Domestic Violence is the number cause of emergency room visits by women in the US. Bottom isn't suppose to hurt. End.Abuse.Poeple.
28 Jul 2007
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CHILD ABUSE: one of Americas best kept secrets. It is estimated that within one week, there are close to 50,000 reported cases of suspect child abuse. And while many people think that definition of child abuse surrounds neglect, more than half of all reported cases are molestation cases. Bottom line, if you know or suspect a child abuse issue may have taken place, please notify the proper authorities. PLEASE!
28 Jul 2007
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An insightful and thoughtful discussion of the various reasons why abusing alcohol in college is easy. For more information, please go to *******www.about-alcohol-abuse**** right away!
14 Oct 2007
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A senior British Army spokesman has been speaking about allegations of abuse of Iraqis by British soldiers in Iraq three years ago. The allegations have appeared in today’s UK Guardian newspaper.
18 Oct 2007
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Fuck off nokia for cat abuse.
26 Oct 2007
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