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while playing football funny accident happen...
5 Feb 2008
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horse race accident happens from time to time
2 Apr 2008
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Snow made this car accident happen look what hapens!
14 Jun 2008
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This accident happened a few years ago at an intersection. Keep your eye on the pedestrian. I read somewhere that the pedestrian did survive, but after viewing this I'm not so sure. Regular viewers have seen this one before. It's worth reposting as a good reminder for people to not only be defensive while driving, but be defensive as a pedestrian. Every day we all see people who are not aware and alert to their surroundings when crossing the street. I understand that this pedestrian didn't have much of a chance, and did run to avoid being hit. My point is that as pedestrians, we need to make an effort to be even MORE aware and alert to our surroundings. Also, check out "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" part 2 and 3 on my channel.
5 Jul 2008
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Chance You Take is a well produced 1960s promotional video from General Tire that harps on the dangers of poor quality automobile tires. According to the sinister sounding narrator, every year more than 1.5 million families are involved in a vehicle accident. While there are many factors to blame, no problem is greater than the tires. More than two tons of force is trying to pull apart the tires while a car breaks. Because of this, more thought should be given to one’s car. Even those that do not drive often or take long trips should take warning. Around 80% of all accidents happen within 10 miles of home. After painting this dark picture of automobile danger and showing off vintage cars, General Tire has a solution for all Americans! The General Tire Dual 90 is a much wider tire. It offers more stopping traction and seals punctures from nails or other obstacles while rolling. It also has twin treads, which make it the best control tire on the market. Chance You Take is a fun and effective movie. Though the risk factors of driving are sometimes cartoonishly exaggerated, the lessons on unsafe car safety features are still valid today. Bad tires are terribly unsafe. The film also features lots of classic cars and goofy fun with vehicle safety tips.
16 Jul 2008
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At least 24 people were injured, nine critically, after a charter bus and a van collided in Nesconset in Suffolk County on Friday afternoon. The accident happened shortly before 4 p.m. on Nesconset Highway (Route 347) at Southern Boulevard. It's not known how the accident happened or who was at fault. Two vehicles were both filled with people, including 10 people in the van. Multiple medivac choppers and numerous ambulances were called in from neighboring towns to help transport the injured, all of whom have been taken to area hospitals. Police have closed of Nesconset Highway completely as they investigate. James Valles of AmericasReport**** and TheNewsWire was first to break the story.
2 Aug 2008
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DadLabs ep 374 -- Should parents become shut-ins when the children are potty training? Probably. But if you insist on having a life outside the home, then you should prepare carefully before venturing out with your potty training toddler. Accidents happen. And they are completely gross. Brought to you by Kaboom. Distributed by Tubemogul.
20 Aug 2008
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A helyszínen életét vesztette az a vétlen motorkerékpáros, aki egy másik motorossal ütközött a Pécs és Komló közötti úton 2007.06.10-én. A baleset azután következett be, hogy az egyik motoros a záróvonalat átlépve egy személygépkocsit előzött és összeütközött a szemközti sávban szabályosan haladó kétkerekűvel. A 23 éves vétkes motoros, aki felvételt készített utolsó száguldásáról, súlyos sérüléseket szenvedett. Two motorbikes were crashed on the road between Pécs and Komló, Hungary on the 10th June 2007. The accident happened when the 23-year-old motorbiker crossed the solid white line, while overtaking a car, and crashed into the oncoming other motorbike. The innocent biker was killed instantly. The other biker, who was recording his last journey, was seriously injured.
9 Feb 2009
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This accident happened in Australia when a white car was trying to make a parallel park. The first car (blue one) stopped to let the white car to do the parking, the second car also stopped, but the third and forth car couldn't stop on the wet road and produced the chain accident.
26 Sep 2008
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The grizzly accident happened right in front of New Miami High School.
2 Oct 2008
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many funny accident happen
14 Oct 2008
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18 Nov 2008
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Shortly before 3pm today 2 accidents happened just minutes apart on one of the worst roads in Moncton for accidents. One was at the corner of Birchmount and Mountain Road and the other happened at the corner of Kilam Drive and Mountain Road, no injuries , road conditions were wet from melting snow but not slippery. Traffic was tied up while tow trucks cleared the scenes.
3 Jul 2010
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This is the only under a Korean festival.It is an event being vacant while burning a sawgrass.But an accident happened, and a person died this year under an event.A person died, and this event will disappear.
11 Feb 2009
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Accidents happen — that's why we have emergency contraception (the morning after pill). Did you have intercourse without using protection? Did you forget to use your birth control correctly? Did the condom break, leaving you worried about becoming pregnant? If so, emergency contraception might be a good choice for you. www.plannedparenthood****
29 Apr 2009
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