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Sugar (a carbohydrate) is dehrydrated with concentrated sulfuric acid. Since a carbohydrate was once considered just hydrated carbon, if you remove the water, carbon would be left over. The acid rips the water out of the sugar and the heat generated by this reaction causes the water to turn to steam. A black mass of carbon is produced.
29 Jan 2007
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This is extremely dangerous! Do not try this at home! This is for educational purposes ONLY! This bomb not only make a huge boom, but also produces an incredibly dangerous gas. To make the explosion even more dangerous, the lid can be fully duct taped. It will explode both acid and dangerous gas.
25 Mar 2007
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.: ENG :. Chasing the Acids documentary (promo video) about the Acid Drinkers. To date, Acid Drinkers are widely considered the best and most spectacular thrash-metal band in Poland. Their popularity has gone far beyond typical metal music sphere.
28 May 2007
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AKA-Penny Operated Nitric Acid Fountain Nitric acid acts upon copper to yield nitric oxide in an exothermic reaction. The expanding gas displaces water from another flask; actually bubbles in this set up. When the gas cools, the water is drawn back into the flask, dissolving the nitric oxide and forming a blue solution with the copper ions still there. Very cool reaction.
13 Jun 2007
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A neat experiment you can do at home with off-the-shelf Muriatic acid.Muriatic acid contains Hydrochloric acid, which reacts with the zinc inside a modern penny.After the acid eats away all the zinc, all that's left is a copper shell only one thousandth of an inch thick!You can use this penny shell for an old but simple magic trick where you hide a dime inside it.
21 Aug 2007
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Estroe Rekorder (19-08-2007) playing phat acid tune
3 Sep 2007
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Metal Gear Acid for PSP
1 Oct 2007
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Metal Gear Acid 2 for PSP
8 Oct 2007
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Deranged and confused acid trippin euro cycler is at it again! Czech guy tries to bike around while completely trippin balls!
19 Oct 2007
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En: Mixing Hydrochloric Acid(HCL 33%) and Al(foil) in a bottle which explodes because of H2(Hydrogen) pressure. Gr: Evala Idroxlwriko oxy(HCL 33%) kai alouminoxarto(Al) se ena mpoukali pou skaei apo tin piesi tou H2(Ydrogono) Do not try this if you haven't the essential experience. Also you should know that it's stinky, and corrosive.
9 Nov 2007
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u can see inthis video the Reaction of Sodium with Acid
23 Nov 2007
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We were realy bored at the school, so we drcided to go play with a nitric acid at school's toilet. so we put the coin into the acid, ant the coin lost 3/4 of it's big... U CAN TRY IT!
23 Nov 2007
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*******www.deluxecomfort****/wedge-pillow-order.html About 7 million of men and women in America, generally up to their 40's are suffering from acid reflux, a disease of the digestive system that consists of a backflow of acid from the stomach up to the esophagus, damaging the inner lining of this organ. Usually confused with heartburn, this is actually a symptom of acid reflux that usually happens after meals. Acid reflux becomes a clinical condition when the acid can produce a severe damage on the esophagus. Other consequences of acid reflux are tooth decay, vocal chords damage, and sinus contamination that can lead to asthmatic ailments. acid reflux diseaseThere is also certain confusion with hiatal hernia, which is a dislocation of the stomach through the hiatus (upper part of the stomach) into the chest. This condition gets more severe over time. However, hiatal hernia and acid reflux are not necessarily related. Other symptoms of acid reflux disease along with heartburn, which is a burning feeling behind the breastbone, difficult in swallowing and regurgitation of acid stomach contents into the mouth. Acid reflux disease or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) as it is also referred is produced due to a transient relaxation of the sphincter or lower end of the esophagus that allows the entrance of foods and liquids into the gullet. Since this is a disease produced by the intake of food and drinks with high content of acids the first recommendation from your doctor will be avoiding as possible these foods and drinks, lying down after eating, wearing tight clothes, and doing straining activities as bending over and sleeping over a wedge pillow that elevates your head, shoulders and chest to make gravity work preventing the acid flux gets up to your esophagus and have that acid taste and heartburn in your mouth when you wake up the next day. Unfortunately there is no definite cure for acid reflux disease, so it depends much on your diligence and perseverance on following the heartburn prevention recommendations of your physician, which are basically changes in your lifestyle, especially in your nutrition habits. Invasive acid reflux treatments include acid reflux surgery or fundoplication and the consumption of proton pump inhibitors (PPI) to block acid secretion. Using wedge pillows is what gastroenterologists called 'positional therapy', used to moderate the symptoms of acid reflux, which usually get acute at night time. According to this therapy, it is necessary to elevate your upper body and not your head only. Despite it will be hard for you to get used to this new sleeping position, you will feel gratified by the reduction of the acid reflux symptoms and acid-free taste in your mouth every morning. Deluxe Comfort's Wedge Pillow has the perfect incline design that will help you cope with acid reflux symptoms. It has a special upper pad to cushion your head and neck and avoid any eventual sliding. The wedge and the upper pad are both filled with the high-tech memory foam that adjusts exactly to the contours of your upper body, and unlike most totally flat acid reflux pillows that make you sink in the center of the pillow, it will actually cradle your body up relaxing your shoulders and arms to maintain a comfortable elevation while you sleep. Enter in this page to get this excellent pillow for acid reflux.
13 Dec 2007
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Get Relief from acid reflux and heartburn - *******
25 Dec 2007
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No animals were hurt or abused during the filming of this production. Mr Turtle did not have a "bummer" or suffer from flashbacks but did bite me when I asked him where I could score a hit so I could groove on his farout acid trip too.
16 Jan 2008
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In 2008, Andy Rickson decided to play a joke on his straight-edge friend, Louis Arnez, and trick him into taking the drug known as acid.
17 Jan 2008
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