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Is this the Skull of an acient Giant?
18 Mar 2007
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The MDFC way of playing the Game
19 Mar 2008
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heres an egyptian exercise known as bellydancing it dates back to acient egypt where beautiful egyptian slave girls used it as an tool to please and hypnotise their men and it was also an tool aid for pregnancy and the bellydance now has become phenomenal the world over and it is an hypnotic dance enured by both men and women alike it is fun to do and i do alot of it occasionaly and enjoy this video as much as i did . happy viewing. from frankie hennessy for the frankie hennessy movie reviewer gazzette
11 Mar 2007
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The Samurais from the acient Japan are famous till now thanks to so many movies and books dedicated to those legendary warriors. Thouse men lived and died for their lords through a rigid code of conduct.
23 Mar 2007
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I learned these moves in a secret location in the acient mountains of China. Given to me by the Gods themselves, with turns and spins of erotic proposal i hope to melt the hearts of viewers world wide. Vote for me to save America. Dolla dolla bill yall
24 Oct 2008
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