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Karma Ayurveda is one of the best leading manufacturer and supplier of Ayurvedic medicine under the supervision of Dr Puneet Dhawan. Our medicine is helpful for those patients who have started the dialysis in recent months and with the help of our treatment of a few months it is possible to stop dialysis. For those who are regularly on dialysis, frequency of dialysis can be reduced at first, Later on with time kidneys can be brought to its normal function. Karma Ayurveda is an association of Ayurvedic doctors whose priority concern is providing care and relief to people living with chronic kidney disease.
12 Sep 2016
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Karma Ayurveda is one of the best leading manufacturer and supplier of Ayurvedic medicine under the supervision of Dr Puneet Dhawan. Dr Puneet Dhawan is an Ayurvedacharya from university of Delhi and providing the best services for kidney patient at Karma Ayurveda. It is actively engaged in treating Kidney disorders and we have developed own Ayurvedic medicine which leads to the rejuvenation of kidney. Our medicine is helpful for those patients who have started the dialysis in recent months and with the help of our treatment of few months it is possible to stop dialysis.
23 Sep 2016
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Call Us: 011-4777-2777, 9871712050 check out more details here: ******* See more videos on YouTube channel: ******* see more videos on Dailymotion channel: ******* See more video on vimeo Channel: ******** Ayurveda has been always best treatment method for any harmful disease since ancient times. Many people believe in this type of treatment, because it has no any side effect on our body, no any infection, etc. and Karma Ayurveda also provides one of best Kidney Failure Treatment through Ayurvedic Medicine, under the supervision of Dr. Puneet Dhawan.
8 Nov 2016
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Karma Ayurveda is one of the best Ayurvedic Company for kidney treatment and provides many valuable natural remedies for kidney patients.
8 Nov 2016
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Kidney failure is very harmful to our health and it’s also effect on filtration of kidney function. Now a day’s most of Kidney patients using Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney disease treatment and Karma Ayurveda also provide the best Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure in India.
10 Nov 2016
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Call Us: 011-4777-2777, 9871712050 All ayurvedic mеdісіnеs аrе most effective fоr реорlе wіth kіdnеу dіsеаsе оr kіdnеу fаіlurе. Раtіеnts whо аrе wаіtіng fоr rеnаl trаnsрlаntаtіоn shоuld stаrt thе ayurvedic trеаtmеnt аlоng wіth ayurvedic medicine whісh саn stор thе kidney failure and kidney disease whісh mеаns nоthіng іs tоо lаtе fоr ayurvedic trеаtmеnt. The use оf ауurvеdа, hеrbаl, natural mеdісіnеs аnd suррlеmеnts іs sаfе іf уоu hаvе kіdnеу dіsеаsе sіnсе mоst оf thеsе ayurvedic medicine саn prevent уоur kіdnеуs аnd еvеn mаkе уоur kіdnеу dіsеаsе stop. Аlsо, уоur kіdnеуs саn сlеаr wаstе рrоduсts thаt саn buіld uр іn уоur bоdу duе tо the symptoms of kidney disease. Whіlе thіs аdvісе mау bе fіnе fоr you, іt саnnot bе dаngеrоus fоr уоu wіth kіdnеу dіsеаsе as compare to kidney transplant and dialysis.
6 May 2017
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Karma Ayurveda clinic сеntrе оffеr thе mоst аuthеntіс ауurvеdіс Traeatment For kidney Failure аnd hаs thе hіghеst stаndаrds оf quаlіtу іn tеrms оf thе рrоduсts usеd. Неrе еvеrуоnе саn bе аssurеd аbоut rесеіvіng thе mоst gеnuіnе ауurvеdіс kidney failure аnd раnсhkаrmа trеаtmеnt bу Ayurvedic kidney Treatment specialist skіllеd doctors, wоrld сlаss sеrvісе аnd sрlеndіd аmbіаnсе wіth quаlіfіеd dосtоrs that mоnіtоrіng аll аsресts оf соnsultіng раtіеnts thеіr trеаtmеnt for kidney failure аnd раnсhkаrmа рrосеdurеs.
11 May 2017
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Kidney failure can be caused by many underlying issues and generally falls into two categories of disease, classified as acute or chronic. Acute diseases generally develop quickly, lasts for a limited amount of time and are more immediately severe than chronic conditions (think food poisoning). However, acute disease can also develop or cause lingering problems. Chronic diseases generally develop and worsen over time and do not go away. In adults the most common causes of kidney failure are diabetes and hypertension. In children congenital defects causing urinary tract blockages (posterior urethral valves) or small or non-functioning kidneys (hypoplastic and dysplastic) or another disorder that causes scarring of the glomeruli that leads to nephrotic syndrome (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis), are the most common causes. (1) Until age 4, birth defects and hereditary diseases are by far the leading causes of kidney failure. Between ages 5 and 14, hereditary diseases continue to be the most common causes, but glomerular disease incidence rises. As children age past 15, glomerular diseases are the leading cause, and hereditary diseases become rarer. Acute Diseases Acute kidney disease can come from poisoning, but often comes from an injury. Injuries that result in blood loss may temporarily reduce kidney function; however once blood loss is limited, the kidneys usually recover. Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) - is rare disease that affects children mostly under 10 years of age and can result in kidney failure. HUS is caused by eating foods contaminated by Escherichia coli (E coli) bacteria, which leads to an infection in the digestive system. Poisons produced by the bacteria can damage the kidneys, causing acute kidney failure. Children with HUS may need blood transfusion or dialysis for a short time. Most however, return to normal after a few weeks, and only a small percentage of children (mostly those who have severe acute kidney disease) will develop
2 Jul 2017
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