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Amazing video: Iranian leader Ahmedinijad admits he is addicted!
8 Dec 2006
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Addictive Football is similar in style to the great games of yesteryear such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. Play 5-a-side rules on a variety of different pitches with 5 different game modes to choose from. Including Knockout Cups and League style games as well as a Custom Game Mode where you set the team skills yourself. More info and the demo can be found at *******www.addictive247******/addictivefootball.htm
30 Jan 2007
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If you exhibit these symptoms, you may suffer from addiction to the newest hit game: Guitar Hero 2 for Playstation
19 Jan 2007
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A very funny and creative docu-drama about humans who struggle with Elmo Addiction. How are their lives destroyed by this little toy? Find out for yourself.
20 Jan 2007
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Using the Custom Game mode and the Team/Player Name Editor in Addictive Football (www.addictive247******) we setup a Liverpool V Everton match. The CPU plays as Everton. Enjoy!
24 Jan 2007
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Part 6 examines whether video games are addictive. We explore the definition of "addiction" and what it means to be addicted to games. This block also studies the effects of isolation, which is an often stated effect of heavy gaming. Insert Coin: Culture of Video Gameplay is a 1 hour documentary on video games and how they impact our culture. Produced by Brent Stafford for his Masters Thesis (MA) in Advanced Communications from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.
29 Mar 2007
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A tribute to Jane's Addiction classic "been Caught Stealing" brought you by the classic cable access show "The Talking Severed Floating Styrofoam Head" live from Fitchburg Mass FATV...this was made long before the days of non linear editing, how scary is that?
8 Mar 2007
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Jingles Top 5 ways to tell your addicted to Paintball
29 Apr 2007
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A new look at the growing problem of gaming addiction, studying it closely and looking at all the factors. More of a light hearted and comical approach is used to get the message across better. This movie also contains personal film from i30, the UK's largest ever LAN.
29 Apr 2007
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(in angloarabic ) far mastoooool we mheeeees edini el 7okna bsor3a argooooooook mi7taga el gor3aaa gammmed awi (in english ) this is a high (addict) mouse this what written on the video as it is in arabic 1st one is good morning mouse 2nd plz plz give me the injection... i want the dose hahahahah
22 May 2007
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Jane Says is an alternative rock song by Jane's Addiction which was released on their 1987 live debut self-titled album. For more video lessons, visit *******www.jamplay****/.
21 Jun 2007
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Dan is addicted to Halo 3 too Much! How will I get him off
26 Jun 2007
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