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The Advertising Council, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families (ACF) and AdoptUsKids, announced today the launch of a new series of public service advertisements (PSAs) designed to raise awareness about teens who are in foster care and waiting for "forever families" to adopt them. The new PSAs are an extension of the previously successful campaign, launched in 2002, which focused on the adoption of children in foster care with the successful tag line "You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent." To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/adcouncil/35825/
15 Nov 2008
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Cute Judge David Young holiday PSA in support of pet adoption and The Humane Society of the United States.
23 Dec 2008
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Red in the Flower Bed An Illustrated Children's Story About Interracial Adoption ANDREA NEPA Children's fiction by an author who is an adoptive parent. Finding Your Place in the World The journey of adoption is beautifully depicted with the comforting imagery of a poppy flower who is welcomed into a garden family. It is a charming story of "seeds" being planted in the perfect place - exactly where they belong. Children and adults will enjoy this simple yet meaningful story and homespun illustrations. The book's loving approach helps children to understand adoption. Andrea Nepa has captured the essence of adoption and family, and has illustrated it beautifully with images and poetry that even a small child can comprehend and enjoy. What a charming story of seeds being planted in the perfect place, exactly where they belong.- LeAnn Thieman, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul "An adoption journey is beautifully depicted with comforting imagery of a poppy flower that is welcomed in a garden family. Children and adults will enjoy the simple yet meaningful story and homespun illustrations." - Stacy Dori, regional director of foster care & adoption services, Friendship House, Scranton, Pennsylvania A charming and loving approach to help all children understand adoption. Andrea Nepa has captured the essence of adoption and family, and has illustrated it beautifully with images and poetry that even a small child can comprehend and enjoy. I highly recommend this book for children to share with their parents. - Steven G. Dubin, Esquire, Adoption Attorney, myownchild**** I read this book and really liked it. We personally have eight adopted children and will help about 175 families to adopt children this year. - Vicki Dalia, safehomesforchildren**** & director of A Birthmother's Choice ISBN:9780981461991 8.5" x 11", paperback 28 pp 2008 Have a question or a comment for Andrea Nepa? Email her at andreanepatribute-books**** Visit Andrea's web site at: *******www.redintheflowerbed**** A portion of the book's proceeds benefits Paul's Kids.
4 Mar 2010
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Dr. Charlotte Laws is an author, talk show host and guest. In these TV show clips, she discusses specific topics: animals, adoption and assault. Her website is www.CharlotteLaws**** and her contact number is 818-346-5280.
4 Feb 2009
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Gossip Girls Daily TV News Update with NBC. Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News Leaders. She has been hanging out in Malawi since Sunday along with her kids David Banda and Lourdes, and today Madonna released a statement via her rep Liz Rosenberg that confirmed her plans to adopt another child. Brought to you by GossipGirls****.
11 Aug 2009
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When a couple head to the Ukraine to adopt the daughter of their dreams they're stopped in their tracks. You won't believe what happened. Follow this couple on their journey - you won't believe where it ends.
8 Apr 2009
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The attorneys at Kirsh & Kirsh have helped many women find options after an unexpected pregnancy. If you are thinking of giving a baby up for adoption, call their office in Indianapolis. 866-469-9200.
17 Aug 2009
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From questions about the father to foster care, the attorneys at Kirsh & Kirsh are happy to answer any questions clients may have regarding adoption. Call the firm in Indianapolis at 866-469-9200 or visit *******www.indianaadoption****
27 Apr 2009
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The attorneys at Kirsh & Kirsh handle adoption matters throughout Indiana and nationwide. They represent both expectant mothers and prospective adoptive parents. Call the firm in Indianapolis at 866-469-9200 or visit *******www.indianaadoption****
27 Apr 2009
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Whether you have questions about the process of adopting or how adoptive parents are selected, contact the attorneys at Kirsh & Kirsh in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call 866-469-9200 or visit *******www.indianaadoption****
27 Apr 2009
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Thankyou for watching our 2 minute video about The Mayflower Dog and Cat Sanctuary Bawtry ( Doncaster ) The mayflower Is a registered Charity dedicated to dog and cat rescue in the Doncaster and South Yorkshire areas. The Mayflower dog and cat shelter has given an umbrella of hope to Dogs, Cats and owners and has helped animal and pet adoption since 2003. You can help the Mayflower Sanctuary by offering your support with Donations and contributions such as towels, unwanted dog and cat items, toys and duvets. If you are considering doing a voluntary job in animal welfare then contact the Mayflower Sanctuary. If you are looking to adopt a pet please contact the mayflower sanctuary in Bawtry ( Doncaster )
28 Apr 2009
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Never go to an adoption center interview with Sebastian while wearing flip-flop sandals. That is the painful lesson that Owen learns in this episode of Hot Dad Action. Shot on location in LA with Special Guest Star: Sebastian. Check out his special on Comedy Central. Episode 506 of DadLabs is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 May 2009
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Jamie Golden is the Director of Marketing & Special Events for the Children’s Aid Society, sponsor of APAC at Camp ASCCA. This annual event (the sixth at ASCCA) seeks to bring together children of all ages going through the adoption process.
18 Jun 2009
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the ladies discuss Madonna's Controversial Adoption
20 Jun 2009
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Listen to this compelling story of two families brought together by their common desire to become parents. The Spohrs and the Oviatts clearly communicate the difficulties facing both donor and adopting families and how their families became connected through the gift of embryo donation. www.embryoadoption****
29 Jun 2009
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16 Jul 2009
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