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Aero-TV Chats With Joe Leader, President, Air-Taxi Association With the economy heading for the deck like a plugged mallard, we had to wonder if this presents some opportunities or obstacles for the ever-burgeoning Air-Taxi market. With this question in mind, Aero-TV checked in with Joe Leader, the President of the Air-Taxi Association. As an expert on very light jets and next generation air taxis with the first business Ph.D. dissertation worldwide on the subjects, Joe Leader has worked with industry leaders in forming the Air Taxi Association (ATXA) and now serves as its President. With more than a dozen years of executive experience at both entrepreneurial and multi-billion dollar companies, Leader uses the combination of his professional and academic expertise to build bridges across the industry. Leader has an air-taxi-focused research book entitled “Takeoff Velocity: The Air Taxi and VLJ Impact on the Future of Business Travel” on the market, where it is available via retailers online including Amazon****, Amazon*******, Borders, Target, and Walden Books. The Air Taxi Association (ATXA) is leading the revolution in personal air travel at greatly reduced prices – expanding the market for air travel by taking people off our crowded roads and into our open skies on next-generation aircraft. Backed by leading air taxi companies, the Air Taxi Association’s mission is to speed the adoption of the air taxi model so that more businesses, individuals, and communities of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of direct, personal flights. With over a dozen products and services available, the Air Taxi Association is uniting the industry, expanding the market for aviation, and helping shape the future of air travel. The Air Taxi Association (ATXA) and its founding members fully support the cornerstone associations of our industry. Since ATXA does not currently engage in lobbying or government regulatory work, these groups provide critical efforts for the success of our industry. The Air Taxi Association encourages its members to support and join these pivotal aviation organizations on the right. Join In The Discussion About Air-Taxi's Future With ATXA's Joe Leader and Aero-TV! FMI: www.atxa****,****,****/aerotvnetwork, *******twitter****/AeroNews Copyright 2009, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
23 Feb 2009
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MIT May Have The Answer To The Question About What Tomorrow's Space Travelers May Be Wearing During the 2007 World Space Expo, ANN's Aero-TV teams came upon something that would have looked like a space suit... if only there had been more of it -- or so we thought. Upon close examination, though, we found out that this suit -- the Bio-Suit, was indeed a space suit and that in years hence (and not so many as one might imagine), this will be "unform of the day" for spacefarers. FMI: *******
3 Feb 2008
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Aero-TV: US Sport Aviation Expo's Robert Woods Talks LSA (Part One) The 4th Annual Sebring FL-based US Sport Aviation Expo is now history. The growing (occasionally struggling) LSA movement shows signs that it may mature into a solid industry, providing a new entry-level option for those who want to become pilots and aircraft owners. While there are still too many manufacturers barely keeping the doors open, the entry of industry heavyweights Cirrus design and Cessna Aircraft was a signal to one and all that the LSA market had to be taken seriously. Among the more significant news we heard from the 2008 USSAE, was Cirrus Design's decision to start taking orders for their speedy little SRS, the naming of US SkyCatcher completion centers by Cessna, the unveiling of the new Flight Design CTLS, the introduction of the TECNAM P92 Eaglet, the unveiling of the Gobosh 800XP, the chance to look over the updated Indus Aviation Thorpedo, new options form American legend, a chance to look over the Teledyne Continental O-200D (the engine that will power the SkyCatcher), as well as the opportunity to catch up on all things Rotax, AirCam, X-Air, Evektor, and so much more. in other words, despite the rain, the cold and the wind; there was no lack of things to see and do in Sebring, FL. Still; there was the specter of trouble ahead... as most of the better offerings at the USSAE cost well over 100K... and we;'re not sure that their is a sustainable market for aircraft in that price range. Much has been written about the need to bring "new blood" into the aviation business... how we need new pilots and a way to provide ready access to the freedom of the skies for tall those who have dreamed of playing among the clouds. We desperately need a cost-effective path for people to follow to stretch their wings... but to be honest, we're not sure that 100-130K LSAs are the ticket we've been looking for. BUT... there was NO mistaking the excitement of so many people we met at Sebring... people who see LSA as THE answer to their search for wings... and see this new market as a proper way for them to enter the world of flight... We hope that their interest is a sustained phenomenon. For an overview of this year's event, we spent some time with USSAE Event Chairman Robert Wood, who has been watching this industry as closely as anyone, for his thoughts and feelings on the state of the art and the state of the market for Light Sport Aircraft... Without further delay, let's check out Aero-TV's interview with USSAE Chairman Robert Woods. FMI:****/organization.htm
3 Feb 2008
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Cessna has an LSA... and so (now) does Cirrus... BUT what does the master homebuilder of homebuilders have up his sleeve with the RV12? FMI: www.vansaircraft**** Copyright, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
17 Mar 2008
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Light, Quiet and Sophisticated: Aero-TV Checks Out The Clarity Aloft Headset How Come Something This Light and Small Work So Well??? For the last few weeks, you may have read us extolling the virtues of a headset that was the target of our first-ever News-Spy Award program... the TSO'd Clarity Aloft headset by Aloft Technologies. This didn't happen by accident... we were so impressed by eh diminutive dimensions and the outstanding performance that it seemed like a worthwhile award -- and it was -- just ask Sandi Shoffner, who won the first of our News-Spy contributor awards and is enjoying her new headset as we write this! The newest TSO'd product by Aloft Technologies, the "Pro" version of the Clarity Aloft headset does what we thought wasn't going to be all that easy to do... improve on a great product. Redesigned and fully TSO approved, this headset combines the technical superiority of the original with even lighter materials (and how they do that without pumping it full of helium, we do not know... grin) and ergonomic design. To get right to the point, folks, this thing weighs an ounce and a half... and nothing that light (outside of a Florida borne mosquito) can possibly be all that uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, the thing we like best about these headsets is that once they're on, you really do forget they're there... which can make for an interesting exit if you don't think to remove when exiting your aircraft. Grin. The secret to the noise attenuation properties of the headset is their employment of patented Comply Canal Tips, composed of soft viscoelastic foam, the same foam tips used in advanced hearing aids. More than simple earplugs, these foam tips provide full spectrum noise reduction: 35-45dB of attenuation. This advanced technology has been lab tested to prove that viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) is superior to active noise reduction (ANR), especially in the speech frequencies, precisely where clarity of sound and hearing protection is most needed for aviation communications. The noise-canceling microphone used in the Clarity Aloft Headset is a high fidelity noise canceling Electret Condenser microphone with performance optimized for speech frequencies in extremely high noise environments. Stage performers and musicians use this same microphone because they must insist on the highest level of sound reproduction. All in all, it's a light, useful, QUIET, comfortable, affordable and highly wearable headset... one of the best we've ever tried... but enough of the narrative... check out the Aero-TV product feature for yourself! FMI: www.clarityaloft****
23 Feb 2008
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Finally... A Politician Who KNOWS The Value Of Aviation! When ANN's Aero-TV crews scoured the runways and byways of Oshkosh last summer, ANN's Maxine Scheer had the chance to meet up with an uncommon fellow... Congressman Vernon Ehlers, a highly educated and motivated member of Congress who not only appreciates aviation, but appears to be working hard to help it along. FMI:
6 Feb 2008
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Some Intriguing Details Prove That CD's LSA Is More Than A "SkyCatcher-Catcher" (Part 2 of 3) With all the attention (good and bad) being paid to the aggressive position taken by Cessna in bringing an LSA to market, it seemed that it was time to catch up with Cirrus Design's LSA program... we started Part One with an overview of the original announcement at Oshkosh 2007 and are pleased to update you with the latest info as of the 2008 Sebring Sport Aviation Expo (in this episode, Part Two -- and the next, Part Three), recently concluded in central Florida. The Cirrus Design SRS is based on the European Fk Polaris, which was lighter, faster, and not in alignment with the FAA's LSA specs - prior to its "Cirrus-ization." Once that process is complete, it will max out the LSA standards -- which will give the CD engineering team the unusual task of slowing down the lightning quick European version. Manufacturer Fk Lightplanes has a 17-year history in light plane manufacturing. With operations in Poland, the Klapmeiers foresee the manufacture of their plane remaining in Poland, with assembly in the US -- a model followed by other vendors of foreign-sourced planes. For the past four years, Cirrus evaluated two-seat planes from European manufacturers -- the center of development for this type of aircraft. "The relationship we have developed with Fk Lightplanes allows us to rapidly offer cost efficient, sporty, entry-level aircraft for sport and recreation enthusiasts and basic training," said Klapmeier. "And our worldwide service and support infrastructure will make the SRS even more appealing." FMI:www.cirrusdesign**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, ALL Rights Reserved.
14 Feb 2008
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Bunce Takes On FAA... Reiterates FAA Funding Shouldn't Be Tied To User Fees During its Annual Industry Review and Market Outlook Briefing a few days back, the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) identified several dynamic challenges that must be managed in order for the robust growth in general aviation to continue. Pete Bunce, GAMA’s highly motivated president and CEO, stated the fundamental debate in the US over how the FAA should be funded was settled when the Administration’s proposal to introduce broad-based user fees for aviation was rejected by Congress last year... contrary to recent attempts by the Bush administration to bring the issue back around, and current deliberations underway in the Senate. "GAMA continues to oppose the introduction of user fees on any segment of aviation," said Bunce. "The priority now is to ensure that the nation embarks on a decisive path to modernize our air traffic control system to accommodate future growth and address airline congestion. "Achieving the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) objectives goes well beyond simply reducing congestion and air traffic delays," said Bunce. "It will bring tangible environmental benefits as well." Bunce demonstrated how NextGen and Europe’s Single European Sky Air Traffic Management Research (SESAR) initiative incorporate technologies and capabilities that will lead to more efficient aircraft operation and reduced impact on the environment. "There is no more critical time for the aviation industry to come together to accelerate modernization and shape the aerospace priorities of the next US Administration and European Union," Bunce concluded. FMI: Copyright 2008, Aewro-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved
27 Feb 2008
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Aero-TV: Mike Sigman Talks About His Personal LSA -- A Zodiac 601XL The cheerful troops that populate Aero-TV news teams sure do enjoy checking out all manner of neat aircraft with the companies that manufacture them, but sometimes it's just plain fun to talk to the folks who (ultimately) build and fly them... personally. Mike Sigman is just one of those folks. A builder of a Zodiac 601XL, we caught up with Mike at Arlington's Northwest EAA Fly-In last summer and chatted with him about his personal choice for an LSA... how it went together during the building process, and now that he was finished -- how he liked it all. Mike told us he was looking for a cross-country aircraft that was good on fuel, dependable and reasonably priced. He wanted to build 'all-metal,' but he did NOT want to buck rivets (the Zodiac uses the Avex 'pop' riveting system), and finally, he wanted a Jabiru engine for the front end... and thereupon decided upon the Zodiac. The ZODIAC XL is a completely new model of the ZODIAC kit aircraft series, optimized for the proposed Sport Pilot category. The ZODIAC XL features a completely new wing design, landing gear and fuselage. The tail sections are the only components common with all ZODIAC models. Fort those who are more interested in flying than building, but STILL want the opportunity to get to know their bird "inside and out," Zenith can supply a Quick-Build Kit (supplied "firewall-back" to allow for easy installation of your choice of engine -- whether it be Jabiru 3300, Continental O-200, Rotax 912S, Corvair, or others). The kit includes all airframe parts, including landing gear (tricycle), standard fuel system, canopy, controls, and all hardware required to finish the airframe assembly. Standard features of the airframe kit include electric elevator trim tab, extended rear baggage compartment, wheels with hydraulic disk brakes, and more. Not included in the airframe kit: powerplant, instruments package, and paint. The Quick-Build Kit includes the larger wing tanks (15 US gal. each) for added range and endurance. Check In With Aero-TV To See If Mike Sigman Thinks He Made A Good Choice With The Zodiac 601XL... FMI: www.zenithair**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved
29 Feb 2008
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Faster Than Any Rotorcraft In It's Class... And Possibly Faster One of the true "reveals" of the 2008 HAI Trade Show was Sikorsky's surprising (but delightful) decision to pull their X2 research aircraft off the line (where it is preparing for first flight) and bring it to the show. This was the first major public venue in which the on-again, off-again development project that could change the nature of rotorcraft design had seen the light of day. The X2 Technology Demonstrator is designed to demonstrate how a helicopter can cruise comfortably at 250 knots, while retaining desirable helicopter attributes, including excellent low speed handling, efficient hovering and autorotation safety, and a seamless and simple transition to high speed. "The X2 Technology Demonstrator is an integrated suite of technologies intended to advance the state-of-the-art, counter-rotating coaxial rotor helicopter. As we continue to work to prove out and mature the technologies that will allow the X2 Technology Demonstrator to become a viable product, we are focused on testing its limits and finding out where this technology will take us," said Jeffrey P. Pino, Sikorsky President. "This could be a 'game changer' in the industry. We are diligently pursuing this as a research project. We are testing the limits and pioneering this exciting innovation." In development at Sikorsky for several years, the X2 Technology Demonstrator sports fly-by-wire flight controls, counter-rotating rigid rotor blades, hub drag reduction, active vibration control, and an integrated auxiliary propulsion system. Peter Grant, Sikorsky Senior Manager of Advanced Programs, noted the X2 Technology Demonstrator has continued to make progress toward first flight. "Throughout 2007, the aircraft made excellent additional build and subsystem test progress, re-entering vehicle ground testing in November 2007. Extensive test instrumentation is also being installed as preparation for its first flight," Grant said. As ANN reported, Sikorsky Aircraft first announced X2 Technology in June 2005. After being grounded in 2006 during a 10-week machinists strike, Sikorsky resumed development of the X2 next-generation helicopter last year. The X2 Technology Demonstrator is built as a rapid prototyping collaboration effort with Sikorsky subsidiary Schweizer Aircraft. The project is solely funded by Sikorsky. FMI: www.sikorsky**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, ALL Rights Reserved.
20 Mar 2008
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The Grandson Of The "Plane That Started It ALL" With all the hub-bub about fuel prices, Cirrus design's thriftier SR20 is getting LOTS of second looks form pilots who KNOW that the fuel price problem is not likely to go away any time soon. The advent of a much upgraded version of the SR20... a "Third generation" bird is even more reason to get excited about the "bird that started the revolution." Cirrus Chairman and CEO Alan Klapmeier remarked that, "When the SR20 was certified in 1998, it literally shook up the whole industry and put us on the map," he said. "Until then, we were thought of as a kit manufacturer, but when the industry took note of the SR20's incredible design as well as its many innovations and safety features, they knew we were a force to be reckoned with. Soon, other manufacturers started to copy us." Klapmeier added, "With the 2008 SR20, we've designed a plane that will satisfy most everyone - whether they're a beginning student, an experienced pilot looking for personal transportation, or a flight training center wanting to expand their operation. For 10 years, the SR20 has won a loyal following of satisfied pilots. And now, this airplane will satisfy the needs of a whole new generation of pilots." Cirrus (Then) Interim Vice President of Sales, John Gauch said he's especially proud of the SR20's reengineered wing, designed with a new carbon-fiber spar that reduces the airplane's overall weight and provides an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. He also noted that many new features were added to the SR20 without adding any weight. "Due to the larger wing on the new SR20, we've been able to increase the useful load, so pilots can take more with them wherever they fly. We wanted the SR20 to be versatile, rugged, and technologically advanced, yet simple to fly and affordable to maintain. Our 2008 SR20 offers customers exceptional value, extraordinary safety features, and exquisite craftsmanship." The SR20's uses a Continental to produce 200-hp while a redesigned (and longer) wing gives pilots greater climb performance than ever before. Cirrus notes that, "The plane boasts a spacious 49-inch-wide cabin that will keep all occupants relaxed in an atmosphere of lavish ergonomic seating and a superior climate-controlled environment. Oversized doors allow for easy entry and exit, while the unique rear window brings in additional light to create a brighter, more comfortable ambient environment. Luxurious leather seats surround pilot and passengers, making even longer flights a relaxing experience." FMI: www.cirrusdesign**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
28 Mar 2008
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More Online Courses Than Ever Before One of the most powerful forces in all that is good about General Aviation is AOPA's Air Safety Foundation... an organization that wants to do nothing more than keep you from getting hurt. The AOPA Air Safety Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization promoting safety and pilot proficiency in general aviation through quality training, education, research, analysis, and the dissemination of information. But... most important, they're getting RESULTS. ASF notes that "...Back in 1950, the total accident rate was 46.68 accidents per 100,000 flight hours (the 100,000-hour measure being the statistical standard); the fatal accident rate was 5.17 per 100,000 flight hours. Today, both those numbers have plunged dramatically—7.05 and 1.26 per 100,000 hours, respectively. Those represent 85-percent and 76-percent drops. Fifty years ago, newspapers and accident reports were replete with stories of fatal buzzing accidents, hundreds of fatal forays by VFR-only pilots into instrument weather, and scads of fatal stall-spin accidents. These sorts of accidents still plague us now, but what a difference 50 years has made." Tis year, the Air Safety Foundation is using the web to present more safety and knowledge related course material than ever before... ASF's Jennifer Storm tells Aero-TV About How The Air Safety Foundation Is Looking Out For YOU! FMI: www.aopa****/asf Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc. ALL Rights Reserved.
11 Apr 2008
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See EVERYTHING With Garmin's SVT and Aero-TV!!! Do you remember life before Garmin introduced the G1000? Neither do we. Early Monday, Garmin announced the next significant advancement to the highly popular and capable glass panel avionics suite... and it's a whopper. Garmin tells ANN it recently received FAA supplemental type certification (STC) for Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), designed to fully integrate with the G1000... both present and past models. Garmin's SVT presents a 3D depiction of terrain, obstacles and traffic on the G1000's primary flight-display (PFD) so that the avionics panel replicates what pilots would see outside the cockpit on a clear day. Garmin's SVT blends information about the aircraft's position with topographic databases to create and display real-time 3D images. The information is presented on the G1000's large flight displays with XGA (1,024x768-pixel) resolution, superior sunlight readability and wide viewing angles. SVT presents the necessary information in ways that are easy to understand so pilots feel at ease interpreting the information. The foundation of SVT is the depiction of 3D terrain, which is displayed on the PFD(s). Land, water and sky are clearly differentiated with shading and textures that are similar to the topographical colors found on the multi-function display (MFD) moving map. SVT works seamlessly to alert pilots of potential ground hazards by displaying terrain and obstacles which pose a threat to the aircraft with appropriate TAWS alert coloring. Those flying with a TAWS-B enabled (optional) G1000 avionics suite also have the benefit of receiving voice alerts. Terrain warnings are also depicted on the MFD with a traditional, color-coded "X" symbol. If the aircraft does not have TAWS-B enabled, reduced capability AC 23-26 compliant terrain alerting is included with SVT. Come along with Aero-TV and get the FIRST Close Look At Garmin's SVT!!! FMI: www.garmin****/aviation Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
12 Apr 2008
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Who Ya Gonna Call When Ya REALLY Need Help??? He's the guy that no one wants to talk to... until it's too late. Doug Ritter, aviation's most prominent survival expert has built a business and a devoted following among those knowledgable pilots that understand that survival is more a matter of preparation than reaction. GA survival authority, Douglas S. Ritter's, 'Equipped To Survive' web site is easily the most comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoors gear, as well as survival and Search and Rescue information. Equipped To Survive can help you determine the best choices to prepare for anything from a hike in the park to a life threatening emergency or disaster. Doug asks us to "please note" that this is not a "survivalist" site and that the Equipped To Survive Web site is supported by the non-profit 501(c)(3) Equipped To Survive Foundation and edited by him, personally. The 'Equipped To Survive Foundation' is dedicated to saving lives by: Raising awareness of potential survival emergencies Promoting preparedness as the key to surviving life-threatening circumstances Performing research and offering objective information to allow intelligent selection of effective survival and emergency preparedness equipment and supplies Providing education in practical survival and emergency preparedness techniques and procedures Encouraging development of new and improved survival and emergency preparedness equipment, supplies and technique Join Aero-TV and Doug Ritter As We Get 'Equipped To Survive' FMI: www.equipped**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
24 Jun 2009
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Ash Vij Has A Mission... To Keep You Breathing Ash Vij's CO Guardian is the undisputed leader in carbon monoxide detectors for General Aviation, and are now included as standard safety equipment on all new Cessna 172, 182, 206, Columbia Aircraft, Diamond DA40 and Skycrane helicopters -- and starting June 08, CO Guardian will now be standard on all Cirrus Aircraft. Vij is the President of CO Guardian. He's been involved in General Aviation for years, both in terms of his CO Guardian product line as well as being the President of Premier Aviation which has been in business since 1972. Various versions of the CO Guardian product line can integrate with the new Garmin G900X, as well as the G1000, GNS480, Electronic Instrument EI-MVP50, Advance-Flight Systems model AF-2500/AF-3500, Grand Rapids Sport Series Engine Monitor, Blue Mountain Avionics and Aerosonic/OPT Technology. This data is important... because ignorance of CO can produce astonishingly harmful symptoms. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and toxic gas produced as a by-product of combustion. Ash explains that, "Carbon monoxide inhibits the blood's ability to carry oxygen to body tissues including vital organs such as the heart and brain. When CO is inhaled, it combines with the oxygen carrying hemoglobin of the blood to form carboxyhemoglobin (COHb). Once combined with the hemoglobin, that hemoglobin is no longer available for transporting oxygen." Come Breathe Easy With Aero-TV As We Check Out CO Guardian FMI: www.guardianavionics**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc. ALL Rights Reserved.
20 Jan 2010
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God Help Us All... Jim's Getting A Shot At TWO New Rocket Racers! The three big announcements at the recent Rocket Racing League Press Conference were music to the ears of ANN's Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell... as one of the four founding pilots named to this out-of-this world program, he now finds himself with the opportunity to take the helm of not just ONE, but TWO new rocket racers, with the revelation that Armadillo Aerospace will be powering another airframe -- and they may BOTH be flying at Oshkosh!!! First announced two-and-half years ago, the Rocket Racing League announced Monday morning it is rapidly approaching blast-off. At an event in New York covered by Aero-TV, the RRL announced its first exhibition race will take place on August 1-2 at EAA AirVenture 2008 in Oshkosh, WI. In addition to announcing the dates of the first exhibition races, the Rocket Racing League also announced the remaining series of exhibition races for the rest of 2008, the acquisition of Velocity Aircraft by Rocket Racing Composites Corp., and that Armadillo Aerospace will manufacture liquid oxygen (LOX) engines for the Rocket Racing League. On August 1-2, the first Exhibition Race of the Rocket Racing League will be held at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI, the largest air show in the world. For the first time ever, two Rocket Racers will compete head-to-head in a demonstration race in the raceway in the sky. Rocket Racer pilots will view the "raceway in the sky" via in-panel and 3D helmet displays and the 700,000 people in attendance at EAA AirVenture will witness the racing action live on multiple large projection screens. In related news, Rocket Racing Composite Corporation, a subsidiary of the RRL, announced the acquisition of Velocity Aircraft of Sebastian, FL, a leading manufacturer of four-seat canard pusher experimental aircraft. Under the terms of the agreement, Velocity Aircraft will become a wholly owned division of Rocket Racing Composite Corp. and will produce an airframe that will be consistent for all competing Rocket Racers. FMI: www.rocketracingleague**** Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.
19 Apr 2008
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