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*******www.informedtrades****/ My answer to a readers question on how his execution would be affected when trading 10 Million around news in the forex market versus trading 1 million.
16 Dec 2007
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Segun Talks About The Writers Strike and How It Affects You!
26 Jan 2008
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The beautiful woman bedroom affection sings
23 Feb 2008
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Migraine Doctor Bernstein explains how migraines affect a woman's vision. For more information, treatment, symptoms & solutions on headaches visit *******www.EmpowHer****. Share your headache & vision story now & send this video to a friend in need.
17 Jul 2009
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Watch as University of Southern California's Dr. Howard Hodis discusses how hormone replacement therapy affects heart disease. Share your HRT/heart story at *******www.EmpowHer**** & post this video to help others. Send this to a friend in need.
7 Dec 2009
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Dr. Barnard Director of the Women’s Cardiovascular Program at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center explains how smoking affects hypertension. Share your hypertension story at *******www.EmpowHer**** & post this video to help others.
1 Jun 2009
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A look at currency pegs, what they are, and how they affect the global economy and currency valuations.
5 Jun 2008
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TVWebCity****'s Tracie Wells tours two streets affected by an F2 tornado that hit Indianapolis May 30th, 2008.
21 Jan 2009
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The original G8 meeting was convened during the 1973 oil crisis so the timing this year is interesting to say the least. Although the press may spend a lot of time on the philanthropic activities being discussed, the true purpose of the meeting is an economic one. I suspect we will see a continuation of what we have seen over the past few years. That will affect the trend in the near term.
8 Jul 2008
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Watch this free video explaining how toxicities affect women’s hormones. Dr. Ramsey is the founder of the Center for Natural Healing. For more hormone info go to *******www.EmpowHer****. Share your hormone story & send this to a friend in need.
9 Jul 2008
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Director of Sexual Medicine The Pelvic & Sexual Health Institute, Susan Kellogg-Spadt, CRNP, PhD explains what other skin condition can affect a women’s body. For more info on Sexual Health visit *******www.EmpowHer**** & share your story with us.
9 Jul 2008
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Anthony Johndrow of The Reputation Institute explains how a company with a very good reputation like Apple can be affected by a deal with AT&T, whose reputation is very poor. Interview by TalkingHeadTV**** Distributed by TubeMogul**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
11 Jul 2008
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La Jolla Spa MD, Dermatologist Dr. Kimberly Butterwick talks about air pollution’s affects on skin’s health. Go to *******www.EmpowHer**** to get more skin care treatment & information. Share your skin care story & send this video to a friend in need.
16 Jul 2008
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Dr. Butterwick, Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon at La Jolla Spa MD explains if sunscreen affects Vitamin D absorption. Share your skin care story at *******www.EmpowHer****. Send this free video to a friend in need.
16 Jul 2008
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Depression: How does diet affect my symptoms of depression? Margaret Christensen, M.D., is a pioneer in Women's Wellness, Originally trained as an OB-GYN. For more information a PMS go to www.EmpowHer**** and share you story now.
22 Jul 2008
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"Raise Your Glasses" event is an opportunity for anyone affected by breast cancer to memorialize, by celebrating their lives, sharing the stories, commending cause advocates, thanking supporters, and showing conviction for the future - and ultimately a cure. On October 30, millions of breast cancer survivors, advocates, friends, families and loved ones will raise their glasses in a "Toast to the Cure." This "Raise Your Glasses" event provides an opportunity for anyone affected by breast cancer to memorialize those friends and family members who we have lost, by celebrating their lives, sharing the stories of survivors, commending cause advocates, thanking supporters, and showing conviction for the future - and ultimately a cure. Velinda Wheeles of Opelika, Alabama, a ten-year breast cancer survivor, wife, and mother of three, writes in her toast at www.pinkribbonwines**** - "Here's to the face of breast cancer, and ten years of being a survivor. Here's to seizing the opportunity to fight for my family - watching my kids grow up and sharing time with those I love and hold most dear to my heart and mind. Here's to the friends, doctors, nurses and supporters who helped me through this disease, and to the compassionate ear, tender shoulder, and sound advice I can offer to others who may go through the same ordeal. Here's to life." To view more Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/pinkribbon/33690/
30 Jul 2008
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