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Some cool pictures of Africa.
1 Aug 2006
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This is a video of the flood in wilderness, South Africa, which is happening right now (2 August 2006). The river usually is a lot lower. The Floods affect most of Southern Cape. This is a video that i recorded outside my house.
3 Aug 2006
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Episode 1 of the Vodcast series from Auto Africa 2006. See www.bmwautoafrica***.za for more.
30 Oct 2006
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Many areas in "unspoilt" Africa suffers from human intervention. This is a clip from a polluted river flowing under a bridge. Nature awareness clip...
29 Nov 2006
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Africa's cultural relic
5 Dec 2006
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Watch south africa loosing their their crucial game to finals in world cup
9 Dec 2006
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December 2006 (Medialink) -- According to the latest UNAIDS/WHO report, nearly 40 million worldwide are now living with HIV/AIDS. This year alone 2.9 million people have died and another 4.3 million are newly infected. While sub-Saharan Africa has just more than 10 percent of the world’s population, it is home to more than 60 percent of all people infected - with more than 24 million people now living with HIV/AIDS. New technologies now exist to address some of the unique challenges faced by the fragile healthcare systems of sub-Saharan Africa, challenges not faced here in the United States. For the first time, a specially designed blood collection tube - called the BD Vacutainer® CD4 Stabilization Blood Collection Tube – is now available throughout Africa. Designed for the unique circumstances of extreme heat and long distances samples endure, this new technology will help monitor and manage HIV positive patients. CD4 cell counting tells physicians how strong an HIV positive person’s immune system is and helps them determine a course of treatment. With standard blood collection tubes, the integrity of the samples will break down within a few hours and by the time they reach the testing facility as many as 20 percent need to be discarded. Experts predict the new device will improve accuracy and reduce costs associated with CD4 testing. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Produced for BD
4 Jan 2007
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this is some of the images of africa
28 Feb 2007
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9 reasons to go to Africa
27 Feb 2007
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Can new economic deals and opportunities translate into increased prosperity for the continent of Africa?
27 Feb 2007
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04/18/1941: Africa Corps,Rommel,El Agheila
10 Mar 2007
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Shark cage diving is a popular activity in South Africa and while Sharks are among the most feared animals on the planet, it is actually sharks who need to fear humans, as humans slaughter 100 million sharks per year. The Southern Right Whale comes into the Bay of Hermanus for breeding and can be seen between July and December. It is the larges of the whales and you may see, touch and hear these magnificent creatures in on a whale watching tour.
26 Mar 2007
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