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K-state fans rush the field after beating Texas 45-42
22 Nov 2006
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Inspired by the most beloved of fables, the animated feature HAPPILY NíEVER AFTER is a satirical retelling of the classic story of Cinderella. Once upon a time in Fairy Tale Land, the age-old balance between good and evil has been thrown out of whack. Frieda, Cinderellaís power-mad stepmother (voiced by Sigourney Weaver), has formed an unholy alliance of evil to take on the good guys. With her own fairy tale spinning wildly out of control, Cinderella (a/k/a Ella ñ voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) is forced to shed her damsel-in-distress trappings in order to seize control of her own destiny and lead the resistance without her Prince Charming (Patrick Warburton). In a world of happy endings gone wrong, the race for control of the kingdom is on, with the fate of the venerable storyline 'Happily N'Ever After' hanging in the balance.
26 Dec 2006
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make it by after effect
21 Jan 2007
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Jermaine take shilpa into the room,shilpa was silent but very angry,but Jade never stopped she continues to throw abusing words on shilpa.Danielle & jo continue to enjoy this & laugh like crazy.danielle called this fantastic.see the full story after the fight by yourself.must watch
30 Jan 2007
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Watch this cool video of nagasaki before and after the atomic bomb
30 Jan 2007
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This is a tutorial (my first) on how to take renders from Maxon Cinema 4D into Adobe After Effects without having to use any green screen, just using Alpha Channel in the Render Settings. 1. First, select any objects that you DON'T want to appear in the render. Now in the objects menu bar select FILE >> NEW TAG >> COMPOSITING TAG and now in the bottom right you will see the Tags' properties appear, simply uncheck Seen By Camera. Now do a quick render and you will see it dissappears. 2. Go to your Render Settings, select RENDER >> RENDER SETTINGS >> SAVE >> then choose FORMAT >> QUICKTIME MOVIE. Now with Quicktime Movie selected the option for Alpha Channel appears, check this to activate Alpha Channel. Now render the file. 3. Open After Effects and create a New Composition 4. Go to the main menu, FILE >> IMPORT >> FILE and select the rendered file. Now it will come up with Interpret Footage where it looks at the alpha settings, be default it should be Straight - Unmatted, if not, select this and then click OK. 5. Once the footage is in your file library, drag it to your timelime to be automatically centred. You can now add layers underneath it to show that only the objects you left without the Compositing Tag appear over the layer under it. Any questions feel free to ask! Any hints or suggestions to make the tutorial better will be great! Thanks.
4 Feb 2007
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Public Life After Club the day 11-02-07. London!
4 Mar 2007
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See the Bohemian Rhapsody first, this video originaly commes after it, showing actors.
2 Mar 2007
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This is the Interviews of some player in Egypt soccer team who say their opinion after the Ivory coast match in their group as their the top of Group A.
7 Mar 2007
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After 3 Min Of Born
14 Mar 2007
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An alliance of evil-doers, led by the malicious Frieda, look to take over Fairy Tale Land. But when Ella realizes her stepmother is out to ruin her storybook existence, she takes a dramatic turn and blossoms into the leader of the resistance effort. Happily N'Ever After hits DVD and Blu-ray on May 1st! For more info, visit *******www.happilyneverafterthefilm****/
15 Apr 2007
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Munk and Mambo attempt to tip the magical scale between good and evil in this deleted scene from the Happily N'Ever After DVD. Arrives on DVD and Blu-ray May 1st! For more info, visit *******www.happilyneverafterthefilm****/
1 May 2007
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