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Use the old burnt down Match lite again.....again.....and again.......look in and learn this very very easy trick,and show it at your friends..................see you...........thanks for watching my clip
24 Feb 2008
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Here is some footage of the artists setting up for "Love Will Bring Us Apart Again" at Scion Space LA.
26 Feb 2008
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Music video for the single "I Remember ( It's Happening Again)" from the album "Flying Upside Down".
13 Mar 2008
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Funny & Funky Photographer Take A Picture Again
5 Aug 2008
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A 1966 recording of “Wooly Bully Again”, by The Soul Brothers, of Winston-Salem, NC, has a new version recorded by Jimmie Vestal. He asks the viewers to decide whether the song needs more tin can or would be enhanced with a cowbell. Christopher Walken believes a cowbell is needed.
17 Apr 2008
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Please watch the new clip from, Marie Digby, 'Say It Again'. From the album, Unfold.
21 Apr 2008
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be sure to check:
24 Apr 2008
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Say It Again Suspect Out Da WoodWorkz Dir: ConGotti Make A Mil Entertainment
6 May 2008
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Check out this hilarious lip dub video of Miley Cyrus's new hit "See You Again". You'll probably get a laugh - at least I hope you will! Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 May 2008
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Voice Mail Taz And Raz! 910-446-0186 Call And Leave A Voice Comment TAZ~N~RAZ'z Phone Number! Be Sure To Look For Taz~N~Raz'z Comment Video, Everyone who leaves a voice comment can watch Taz~N~Raz'z Expressions, When They Listen To Your Comments! See You Tomorrow! New Vid Everyday! TAZ And Nicole Again Feeding...Day 5 TAZ-N-RAZ TOGETHER DAY 6 They Are Now Eating Whole Food, and we bought them matching Harnesses, These Guys are Tooo Cute, A must see, wonderful animals, who knew that they could be soo entertaining, I can't wait to catch them on video doing something soo funny that I can send the video to americas funniest videos. They are soo loving too. Soon I will record them snuggling, and playing together. You will just fall in love. Soo Be sure to tune in everday to The TAZ-N-RAZ Show! You never know what your gonna get to see! These guys have just won my heart over. And you should see other people's reactions, when they get to see them in person, and touch them and pet em. Soo Be sure to check us out tomorrow! And We do take them out to places to meet people. So if you see us, be sure to say hello and maybe you can be recorded with them on YouTube! So If you come to myrtle beach on vacation and get to see TAZ-N-RAZ, be sure to ask to be video taped, and you can be on YouTube Too, And Show All Of your friends at home what you got to see here in myrtle beach. See You Soon! Thank You Frank And Nicole
23 May 2008
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not again
23 May 2008
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Yep, you guessed it, we tied Ben up again (sorry for the quality, my camera was not agreeing with my PC)
26 May 2009
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