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REX-KARA präsentiert ein revolutionäres Anti-Aging & Beauty Konzept: Technische Kosmetik für die tägliche Pflege zu Hause. Spielend einfach und völlig schmerzfrei bringt REX-KARA hochaktive kosmetische Wirkstoffe genau dorthin, wo sie benötigt werden: tief in die Haut. Das neuartige REX-KARA Premium Beauty System mit der patentierten Synchronschaltung von Ultraschall, Galvanic und Infrarot bietet professionelle Technik erstmals auch für die tägliche Anwendung zu Hause. Info unter
20 Sep 2011
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Beauty-Inn: Toggenburgerstrasse 61, 9500 Wil, SCHWEIZ Tel: +41-71-9664044 Email: Das BEAUTY-INN ist das Kosmetikinstitut, bei dem Sie sich auf beeindruckende Schönheitsresultate freuen dürfen. Die Erwartungen bezüglich dem Behandlungsergebnis werden hier nicht nur erfüllt, sondern gar übertroffen.
2 Aug 2009
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How to save your eyelashes and skin from damage and premature aging? How to have perfect makeup every day, save time and money? A New Safe and Perfect Enhancement to Anti-Aging Cosmetic Accessories featured by an inventor and users of the Butterfly Eyelash Guard. Video by Holistic Beauty Solutions, LLC. Computer generated sensual sound music. Visit our website eyelashguard****
13 Oct 2010
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Gold Mountain Beauty offering the best anti-aging capsules. It's formulated with natural aloe vera and vitamin E.
18 Oct 2019
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Margaret is a self-described workaholic. As a 56-year old grandmother with a successful real estate business, Margaret loves to read, spend time with her best friend "the dog" and wishes she could wake up one morning and see a rejuvenated face looking back at her from the mirror.
4 Feb 2008
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Learn how microdermabrasion can help clear pores and gets rid of fine lines. It's anti-aging affects helps renew skin giving it a soft and radiant glow. Erica from latestbeauty**** gives you the scoop.
9 Feb 2008
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deep forest
24 Apr 2009
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Dr. Mulholland from Define Yourself sits down to discuss the cultural fascination of transformation and the curiosity of some women about cosmetic enhancement and aging. What kind of questions do women ask in a consult? Is cosmetic maintenance a form of expression and how does this relate to the strength and resiliency of women? Join the conversation at
19 Jun 2008
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How does a consult work and how does it determine the best path to take regarding cosmetic treatments? Dr. Solish explains the issues women who come into his office face while in the contemplation stage. What are the motivations of some women who choose to undergo treatment? How do they feel about the process and what it can do for them? Join the conversation at
19 Jun 2008
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Do you find women to be judgmental of other women? The Define Yourself doctors sit down to discuss their views on women and how they look at one another. Are women tough on themselves when it comes to their appearance? How does peer pressure fit into the equation and what are the motivations of some women who choose cosmetic enhancement? Join the conversation at
19 Jun 2008
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Dr T shares his realisations from a bus journey.
29 Nov 2008
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While aging is inevitable, there are a variety of ways to bring back a more youthful appearance; not only will you look good, but your self-esteem gets a boost as well. With people living longer, graceful aging is within reach. Visit www.dailywebtv**** for the full story.
13 Feb 2010
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