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AMV Raoh gaiden
9 Nov 2019
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Álbum: Je Vais Changer. Año de lanzamiento: 2005.
19 Nov 2019
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The team is focused on using emerging technology to promote digital inclusion and introducing more Southeast Asians into the digital economy. “It’s great to see more and more companies recognizing the value our technology can bring. visit this link
4 Dec 2019
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6 Dec 2019
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hihi, Gackt has got a date with Ai Kago from Morning Musume!! It has English subs, so ... enjoy!!!!
17 Aug 2007
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Y1,680 Limited A -- ( .A.)o -- Mikan - Morning Musume PV -- Disponible/Available 2007/Nov21 -- TRACKLIST -- 01. Mikan 02. Bonkyu! Bonkyu! BOMB GIRL 03. Mikan Instrumental LYRICS -- (A) Mabushii asa ni Woo woo chance Oh yeah! You'll get a chance tabidatsu asa ni Woo woo chance Oh yeah! You'll get a chance Oh yeah Nandomo yume wo mitekita akirametari wa dekinai onna no ko demo otoko no ko demo onaji koto jan Aisuru hoshi ni umarete aisuru hito to deaete *Ise kimi tana michi dakara Kanashimi yorokobi mo ari yasashiku nare Oh yes! (B) Ningen minna suki ni nare jinsei wa ikkai warau kado ni fuku kitaru Life is one time (C) Ikiru tame ni naiteiru akago no you ni umaretate no junsui na kokoro de are Repetir (A) Nandoka ai ni tsumazuki soredemo tachiagaru darou dai no otona demo shoshinsha datte onaji koto jan Hajimete koi wo shita toki doushite ii ko wakarazu ookina oto de kyoku kitta Nigatena hito dakarakoso taisetsu darou Oh yes! Sekkyokuteki ni ikirunda jinsei wa ikkai warau hito ni hitotsu dou Life is one time (D) Kyou mo asu mo mainichi wa nijuuyon jikan donna hito mo asa no hi ni tsutsumareru Repetir (B) Repetir (C) Sekkyokuteki ni ikirunda jinsei wa ikkai warau hito ni hitotsu dou Life is Oh yeah One time! Repetir (D) Repetir (A) *******iimouto****/v mx
8 Nov 2007
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AI Team Building activity -Appreciative Inquiry+ & Higher Ground Leadership - Life Masters REAL Team Building South Africa Gauteng johannesburg, Durban Natal, Cape Town -Transform your team with AI & trust building that makes the lasting difference.
9 Feb 2009
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Episode one of my video series machinima. Knight receives a "job" posting, and makes the "commute". Master Chief, Spartan, AI, Halo, Warthog, video games, machinama, mashinima, mashinama, assault rifle, timberland, infinity
7 May 2008
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Opening Night is Saturday, October 4 from 7-10pm The exhibit will include original work from: Chim Pom, Ichiro Endo, Taro Izumi, Ai Kato, Sachiko Kazama, and Iichiro Tanaka
1 Oct 2008
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Michael Witbrock with Cycorp is interviewed at the 8th annual GeekAustin party at Union Park by Kimberlie Dykeman. Cycorp is one of the premiere artificial intelligence - AI - companies. Find out more at *******cyc**** . . . video produced by Paul Terry Walhus with *******austinblogger****/blog/
1 Oct 2008
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Amita Dhaatu(Sanskrit, Infinite Element) A Trailer for a video series I'm producing. I'm recording video game footage, and putting a story to it. It focuses on a retired super-soldier who became a mercenary, with his AI, and their somewhat dysfunctional relationship. It has my interpretation on the story behind the mysterious "Forerunners", from the game I'm using "Halo®", and of course, the Halo ringworlds that were built by them, and that the game focuses on. All copyright information is included in the video, but in case you didn't know, "Halo®" is copyrighted by Bungie®, and Microsoft® is copyrighted too! Seriously, if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have anything to record with, and I'm only recording video footage, not trying to sell pirated copies of software, ok? The music is royalty-free(the artist isn't going to sue), so its ok to use, without actually telling him about it, and I give him credit too, Sonnyboo****
9 Oct 2008
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Kris Allen American Idol Live performance. AI Top 36 Kris Allen Arkansas
28 Feb 2009
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