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In this interview clip, actress Jennie Garth, who plays the character of Sarah in the Lifetime Original Movie “Girl, Positive,” talks about the lack of discussion of HIV/AIDS. The Lifetime Original Movie “Girl, Positive” is the story of Rachel (Desperate Housewives’ Andrea Bowen), a high school senior, whose world is thrown into a tailspin when she tests positive for HIV. In trying to deal with this frightening news, Rachel finds an unlikely ally: a substitute teacher (Jennie Garth) who has secretly lived with HIV for years. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out — and both women soon learn that gossip, like disease, can spread swiftly. “Girl, Positive” premieres Monday, June 25, at 9PM ET/PT on Lifetime.
8 Jun 2007
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Phil Johnson, M.D. discusses the evolution of the definition of AIDS over time and how it evolved as scientific understanding of HIV and AIDS improved over time. Initially it was noticed due to unusual outbreaks of Kaposi's Sarcoma and pneumocystis pneumonia among young gay men and referred to as Gay Related Immune Deficiency. The virus now referred to as HIV was isolated in 1983 and the disease was renamed AIDS for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Today, being HIV positive and having either (a) a CD4 cell count below 200 or (b) one of a number of opportunistic infections results in a diagnosis of AIDS.
13 Jun 2007
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Phil Johnson, M.D. discusses HIV/AIDS prevention efforts around the world that have proven effective including examples from Uganda, Thailand, Sweden, and France.
13 Jun 2007
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Friends and family can help HIV and AIDS patients by being supporting and accepting of the patient. This will make it easier for the patient to follow their medication regiment and maintain their health.
13 Jun 2007
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Becky Kuhn, M.D. debunks 10 more common myths about HIV and AIDS, including the myths that: HIV has never been isolated; HIV tests are often wrong; the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved HIV tests; you are better off without ARVs than with them; antiretroviral medications (ARVs) are not effective for treating AIDS; AIDS is caused by Antiretroviral Medications (ARVs); AZT does more harm than good; AIDS is caused by use of inhaled recreational drugs such as nitrites (also known as poppers); AIDS is caused by injection drug use, not by HIV; and humans created HIV. Myths like these are harmful because they confuse people about the origin of HIV and its role as the cause of AIDS. Make sure you get accurate information about HIV and AIDS. Base decisions about your personal health and safety on the findings of research studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. HIV causes AIDS. HIV tests can accurately determine whether or not you are infected with HIV. ARVs are effective for treating HIV/AIDS and save lives. Knowing the facts about how HIV is transmitted can mean the difference between life and death. Protect yourself and those around you. Take steps to avoid contracting HIV and to avoid transmitting it if you are HIV positive. This video is a sequel to our popular video The Top Ten Myths About HIV and AIDS.
2 Jul 2007
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For many years, governments and non-governmental organizations have promoted an ABC approach to preventing HIV and AIDS. ABC stands for Abstain from sex until marriage, Be faithful to a single partner, and use a Condom every time you have sex. ABC has some known limitations. This video discusses those limitations and additional things we can do to prevent the spread of HIV. SAVE stands for Safer practices, Access to antiretroviral medications, Voluntary counseling and testing, and Empowerment and Education. DEF stands for Disclosure in safety, Education and empowerment, and Female-controlled prevention methods. Medically performed male circumcision with counseling can also reduce the risk that men will contract HIV via heterosexual intercourse.
2 Jul 2007
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dane cook kool aid man nesquick
7 Jul 2007
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san francisco walk for aids
19 Jul 2007
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these retards debate whether they would rather have cancer or aids with surprising results.
25 Jul 2007
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21 Aug 2007
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This video is not supposed to be funny (although some parts are...). It's supposed to be informative and hopefully it will teach you some first aid basics :)
10 Oct 2007
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This movie details how solicitors and lawyers are milking the legal aid system for all its worth and how in the process innocent lives are being destroyed.
29 Oct 2007
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