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My version of a very simple air gun. You need only 3 parts to build the gun and plus barrel. Making it is very easy after finding right parts. Parts im using might be available only in Finland but this should give you an idea how to build an air gun. WARNING: This device is lethal so use caution when you use it. Dont shoot at anything that might die, like your friend or a rabbit. Just destroy useless stuff.
8 Jul 2007
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A pen, chopsticks and toilet papers. you can make a fun air gun
15 Nov 2007
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Here is a video of how to make an air gun using copper pipe and a 500ml coke bottle. Enjoy.......Please rate and comment my videos!!!
25 Jun 2008
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*******tmacsairgunservice****/ When the air gun you spent a bundle for is in need of repair, contact TMac’s Air Gun Service. We offer complete service at competitive prices. We can repair most brands and models including names like Daisy and Smith & Wesson.
1 Jun 2011
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sort of works, sort of doesn't. it was a bit too windy to work properly (more)
15 Sep 2007
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a friend of me rebuilds old carbines from the World War II to air-guns. here you can see the result
14 Sep 2007
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Crazy idea to celebrate a company anniversary.
6 Nov 2008
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16 Dec 2010
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thnks for visit the video
5 Dec 2009
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An air gun + shaving creme = One unhappy victim
30 Jun 2008
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10 Oct 2009
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*******topairgun****/product/PY-1225 In this suspense filled Dirt E. Harry thriller you will see one futuristic hi-tech looking .22 caliber PCP starring the acclaimed AirForce Condor air gun. Part 1 shows the easy to load Condor putting a 32 grain pellet through a 2x10 like it isn't there. See power, performance and precision accuracy in Part 2 as the Condor puts 6 pellets through nearly the same hole! Do yourself a favor and stop by my website *******topairgun**** and Make My Day!... Dirt E. Harry
19 Feb 2010
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