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Thank you for watching our video! We have much more information available on our website at *******betterairchicago****. 233 S. Wacker Drive, 84th Floor Chicago, IL 60606 312-765-7485 Call to schedule your full service duct cleaning in Chicago today!
25 Mar 2012
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There's a big problem that people don't often see - in home air pollution. More relevant is why is this happening in your house and exactly how it impacts you or your kid's health and wellbeing.
6 May 2019
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Comfort Pro A / C & Indoor Air Quality Specialists *******www.talkingphonebook****/listing/146705/100132/Comfort+Pro+A+%5E+C+%7C+Indoor+Air+Quality+Specialists+Inc/3217239004/ZZ/ZZ/ZZ/ZZ
10 Dec 2008
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I am very satisfied with their services for indoor air quality & Carpet Cleaning systems. Their indoor air purification & Carpet Cleaning systems remove dust and improves quality. We have utilized Sears Carpet Services in the past and will continue....
28 Jul 2009
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The deaths in Denora, Pensylvania led to the Clean Air Act and other tough legislation on Air Quality.
21 Oct 2009
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www.safemoldsolutions****. Indoor Air Quality Expert Paul McHam designed air handling systems for over 14 years. He is also a VSMR tand NADCA certified air handling and duct sanitization specialist. He was consulted by the Ford Motor Company for his advice regarding the Legionaires contamination in some of their water handling plant systems. Paul is also a direct mold remediation competitor, listen to what even our competitors have to say about our uniques services! Visit www.Safemoldsolutions**** for more information. Charles Boday is a Certified Mold Inspector and a Certified Mold Contractor, and he is a graduate of the Certified Mold Inspector & Contractors Institute. He is also a member of the National Association of Mold Professionals He is also a certified Environmental Inspector. He is also a Certified Crystal Meth Lab Clean Up Contractor. He has extensive experience reviewing and investigating toxic type cases for law offices prior to the attorneys taking on cases for litigation. He has worked with some of the countries top scientists seeking alternative poison-free mold remediation techniques. He is state certified to teach the realtors' continuing education course" Toxic Mold! What every realtor should know!" and is the author of the same. He is also a Certified Crystal Meth Lab Clean up contractor. He routinely works for Fanny Mae as well as many other top lenders like HSBC Household First Merit etc. repairing extreme mold damaged foreclosed properties. He is also an experienced foundation waterproofer and structural repair analyst. He has developed multiple proprietary waterproofing techniques for both interior as well as exterior foundation systems. He has testified as an expert foundation witness and is the Author of the books: The Ultra Dry Basement: understanding and correcting foundation water problems and Ultra Bond Construction Techniques.
4 Dec 2009
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Indoor Air Quality has become a huge topic of conversation amongst homeowners, tenants, property managers, building owners, store/shop owners, etc. In this video clip, Dr. Joseph Moneco discusses Indoor Air Quality and Mold. Generally, Apex Mold Specialists are called in for a mold inspection when a potential client sees or smells mold, discovers a leak or water damage, or has unexplained symptoms of cold, flu or sinus infection. This video shows you what is involved in a Mold Inspection and the difference between a visual or bulk sampling and an air sample or media collection cassette.
22 Aug 2010
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There are many ways to improve your Vero Beach and Sebastian indoor air quality including UV Air Sanitizers, Electrostatic Filters, Electronic Filters, and Air Purification Systems. These products are not only proven to capture and eliminate house dust, mold, mildew, fungi, pollen, bacteria, and viruses; but a cleaner air conditioner and clean air ducts means more efficiency and more savings on your electricity bill. With a list of benefits like these, there's no reason not to invest in cleaner air for your family: reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, improve sleep, eliminate household odors, reduce air conditioning operating costs, and extend the life of your HVAC system. Contact Star Quality Air Conditioning for all of your Florida air conditioning repair and indoor air quality needs including air filters, air cleaners, duct cleaning, and UV lights. *******www.starqualityair****.
1 Nov 2011
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*******www.ecovacuumcleaner****/ - Can Vacuum Cleaners Really Improve Your Home Air Quality? In this day of high pollution and allergies among a large proportion of our society, it\'s no wonder we look at different methods of improving the air we breathe at home...
31 Mar 2012
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*******www.minisplitwarehouse****/storepage588407.aspx AC Split System Review. Air Quality in your Home! These systems provide health benefits, mental development and work capacity. Try them and see the results. Call 877-770-3548. Visit our website!
15 Feb 2013
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Listen to Dr. Priya Raghunath and Ms. Gladys Goh on how Nippon Interior Paint Colours assist in improving indoor air quality. Get better air quality for you and your family with us!
18 Jun 2018
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How healthy is your environment? With interior air quality examining Los Angeles Country residents are at last trying to learn the solution. Folk just can't experience air contaminants the way they can easily see other dangers. As a result, regular people don't often consider this danger until it's far too late.
13 Jun 2019
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