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Airbus is testing the effects of minimum velocity takeoff as part of the certification process. It is called VMU testing (Velocity, minimum, unstick).
30 Mar 2008
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See the Shower and Spa on the new Emirates A380 plane.
8 Aug 2008
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Be a part of Australian aviation history by witnessing the first ever Engine Alliance GP7200 powered A380 landing at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. AirUtopia's full runway and ramp access help capture this occasion in close-up detail and helps highlight the new Airbus Super Jumbo in all its splendor. This special event also offered amazing views from the observation deck that was re-opened just for this one day special event!
13 Jun 2009
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The Super jumbo Gleaming in the strong afternoon sun during a validation flight, kicking up a large amount of dust. The immense A380 demonstrator dwarfs the Farnborough runway as it lifts off for its display on one of the Air Show trade days. Airbus sunsequently announced that during the 2010 show it had received commitments for 255 aircraft worth $28 billion, all of them A319s, A320s and 330s. Farnborough has two advantages over most other shows for spectators – its displays have a larger proportion of bigger aircraft, and the crowd line really is very close to the runway; it is a treat for photographers.
19 Sep 2010
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The A380 Is The Most Advanced, Spacious and Efficient Airliner Produced Yet The Airbus A380 will be landing in the U.S. for the first time on Monday, March 19th, 2007 – with dual landings of two aircraft – one at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and one at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). With passenger traffic expected to nearly triple over the next 20 years, the Airbus A380 will be the largest passenger aircraft on the market. It was designed through a collaborative process with airline customers and 60 airports around the world to ensure compatibility. The A380’s ability to carry more passengers and its faster ground turnaround times will help ease airport congestion by transporting more people on fewer aircraft. It will provide passengers on major long-haul routes with a new way of flying, setting the standards for the 21st century. The aircraft’s significantly reduced noise and emissions levels will help to minimize its effects on the environment. Its new generation engines and superb aerodynamic performance means that the A380 will not only comply with today’s noise limits but will be significantly quieter that its rival, producing only half as much noise on take-off and landing. Its unprecedented level of composites and other lightweight materials reduce its weight, helping to make it a highly fuel-efficient aircraft, offering mileage equal to about 79 miles per gallon per passenger. The A380 Family seats an average of 555 people in three classes on two widebody decks, offering airlines unequalled flexibility in the cabin to feature virtually unlimited passenger amenities. Delivery of the first A380 is slated for October 2007 to Singapore Airlines. More than 70 airports including major hubs like New York City, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, Paris and London will be ready for A380 operations by 2011. This satellite feed features SOTs from: - John Leahy – Airbus Chief Operating Officer - Customers - Allan McArtor – Chairman - Airbus North America B-roll Includes: - Stock footage of the all-new A380 in the manufacturing process, plus notable testing footage - Footage shot March 19, 2007 at LAX and JFK This footage is free for unrestricted use. Broadcasters: please courtesy Airbus. _____________________________________________________________
25 Mar 2007
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FS9 Airbus A380 Landing at Princess Juliana
17 Apr 2007
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THE AIRBUS A380 arrived in MUMBAI(BOM/VABB) today (May8,2007) for the very first time at 1544hrs(IST)....In this video..the A380 performs a low altitude flight at about 100ft. over runway 27 and in the process showing off all of its grace!!...gr8 video
17 May 2007
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Airbus A380-800 break test
30 Jul 2009
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With over 18ft wingspan, 4 real jet engines and a weight of over 150lbs - is this the biggest RC airliner in the world? The original A380 for sure is.
24 Sep 2007
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I edited (encoded) this video on 720p If it is difficult for you to watch this video in HD, click here (or add &fmt=18 to the last of URL) ***********/watch?v=lcHmgHFZFNw&fmt=18 Narita International Airport - RWY16R End (NRT / RJAA) Date : 2009-2-14 (07:10 JST) 南南西・平均風速約20ノットという、スゲー横風の中での着陸... ココから見る限りでは、「お見事」としか言いようがありません!
17 Sep 2009
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Narita International Airport (NRT/RJAA) I filmed this one from RWY34L End Date : December 27, 2009 (11:41 JST) === 2009年最後の更新。 This is my last update in 2009.
12 Jan 2010
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Enjoy and subscribe.
8 Dec 2018
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Airbus A380 is world's biggest passenger aircraft. Watch it flying at low level and making a perfect landing.
25 Oct 2007
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Coming to National Geographic Channel UK on 8 September 2008 will be Richard Hammond's Engineering Connections. As part of the Big New Mondays on National Geographic, this 4-part series is fronted by the Top Gear favourite, and examines how some of the world's engineering marvels owe their existence to often surprisingly simple ideas. Tune in and discover just what the world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, has in common with an eagle's wing, a bicycle pump and an ancient bow! A special website with videos, pics and a Q&A with Richard, has been set up at www.natgeotv****/engineering-connections
2 Aug 2008
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EMIRATES AIRLINE MAKES AVIATION HISTORY AT NEW YORKS JFK AIRPORT WITH ARRIVAL OF FIRST SCHEDULED AIRBUS A380 SERVICE TO THE UNITED STATES State-of-the-Art Aircraft Features Two Flight Decks, Private First Class Suites, Two First Class Shower Spas, Onboard Lounge and More With the company's president, Tim Clark, on the inaugural flight, Emirates Airline will make history when its Airbus A380 lands at John F. Kennedy International Airport at approximately 4:45 p.m. today. This will be the first commercial A380 'superjumbo' jet to fly on American soil. The 12.5-hour flight took off at 11:00 a.m. Dubai time with 489 passengers and 24 cabin crew on board. The A380 is the world's only twin-deck, four-aisle airliner, offering the widest cabin of any aircraft. The aircraft's floor area is 49 percent bigger and has 35 percent more seats than its closest rival. It towers at 79 feet, 7 inches high with a wing span of 261 feet, 8 inches. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/emirates/34241/
2 Aug 2008
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Emirates Airbus A380 - The first showers in the sky. On board Shower Spa and premium lounge, the future has arrived
10 Aug 2008
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