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VIDEOGRAPHER: Chris Olpin has a passion for capturing life's memorable moments by utilizing his background as a professional rollerblader. Chris uses his experience creating street edits to capture the unique, smooth, and artistic shots you see in his work today. Each project gives him the opportunity to keep the magic, with an eye for style and detail. COMPANY: Dreamcastar began after Chris created his own love story, when he met his soul mate, Amber. Together they are the the perfect team, creating and focusing on artistic progression. Whether a wedding, event, promotional event, or other significant moments in life, we take pride in "creating your visual story."
Antonelli wines, world famous, is located in the hills of San Marco, about a half hour south-west of Assisi, Italy. We watch the vineyard people cutting and bringing grapes to the auger and wine press. Then we visit the huge fermentation tanks, cask storage rooms and the wine bottling area. Finally, working up a thirst, we partake of a wine tasting with our gracious host Filippo Antonelli (Agronomist).
18 Dec 2008
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Muzzi, Antica Pasticceria has been making pastry, confections and candy since 1795. World famous for their delicious products we meet the president of the company, Lorendana Muzzi, and go behind the scenes to where they make some of there pastries. Just looking over their fantastic array of products you could inhale 500 calories. A cup of caffe', some cookies and we ready for anything.
28 Sep 2008
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Farchioni Winery, located on one of Italy’s abundant hill tops, is world famous for their quality products. Here we see grapes being crushed and sent to the fermentation tanks. We also see wine being drawn off and stored in wooden casks. A great behind-the-scenes experience. Later we have lunch and a wine tasting. There is no shortage of good food and good wine being provided by our host Marco Farchioni.
7 Nov 2009
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Overlooking the town of Assisi are two fortresses, Rocca Maggiore (Greater fortress) and Rocca Minore (Lesser fortress). Walk with us through the very well restored ruins, through tunnels and have a panoramic view atop the lookout tower. Then, travel to the sanctuary of San Damiano where Saint Claire started the order of The Poor Claires and lived there for many years until her death. A follower of Saint Francis, Claire lived her life devoted to God.
17 Oct 2008
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Start your tour at the Porta Nuova (New opening/door) in the town of Assisi. Visit the Cathedral of Saint Claire (Santa Clara) and the piazza. Explore the ancient temple of Minerva and the Church of Maria that was built above of the temple (Santa Maria Sopra Minerva). Then take a leisurely walk through medieval streets to the Cathedral of Saint Francis (San Francesco). End with a taxi ride out of the historic district.
2 May 2009
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View the blessing of the animals in the piazza of Saint Claire. On this day is was the horses from the surrounding towns. After the blessing and the horses leave, there is the inevitable cleanup. Travel with us as we visit an unique Salumeria (sausage shop) and see how the experts carve up the Prosciutto. Then we end our adventures at a gelato shop (gelateria) with wall murals we wouldn't see in an American ice cream shop. The gelato was excellent as well as the murals.
25 Jul 2009
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A unique visit with an Italian gardener and a tour of his garden. Vegetables and fruits abound on this hill-side plot of land. Learn how to pull olives off the tree and taste the fruit from the Fici di India cactus plant.
14 Nov 2009
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A truly classical hill-top town with many medieval buildings and churches. Not found on the usual tourist trail, it is filled with Italian color. The main piazza, located high on the hill provides a great panoramic view of the town and surrounding hills. A cup of caffe' with a shot of Sambuca and we can spend a moment absorbing a bit of Italy. Visit the Church of Saint Antonio and the Convent, now a civic museum.
23 Sep 2009
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The "Fontana Cavallina", or translated to Fountain of Horses, is a delightful piazza of fountains and a great place for meeting people. The original fountain dating back to the 17th century, it was expanded in the mid 1800s to form a larger amphitheater in a neoclassical style. When ever in Genzano, this is a must visit place.
14 Nov 2010
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How did they make wine many years ago? Think you know? Well, let's take a tour of a city of ancient wineries dating back to the 1300s. The word Palmenti means an in-ground or below ground mill which could refer to rice, wheat or wine production. I was told that some of these were still in use ... but I doubt it. This is definitely off the usual tourist route.
8 Feb 2011
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Like dried peppers? Toasty fried peppers? Well, we go behind the scene at the Agriter Cooperative which grows and processes peppers in a variety of ways. There are acres of peppers growing. We watch the processing, slicing up, and drying of the peppers. We also see how they string up the peppers for drying in the traditional manner. This is way off the tourist route ... in fact, we had trouble finding it.
27 Sep 2010
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The Maratea beaches offer a splendid opportunity to work on your tan. Rent an Umbrella and chair and you are set for the day. Great views of the ocean and small islands. Oh look, behind you the hills are on fire. Scrub brush perhaps set on fire by a careless cigarette, are working their way across the hills. The hills, too steep for vehicles, they use the Canadair fire-fighting airplane. We can watch the ocean, pretty girls in bikinis or airplanes putting out fires. Pass me another beer.
24 Sep 2008
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