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This is the second part of ShowBizz Tonight wich inteviews Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen.
5 Oct 2006
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Alex Jones warns about attacks before 911
18 Mar 2007
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In this clip Alex Jones from Infowars**** discusses the 1993 WTC attack. He asserts that the FBI facilitated the 1993 attacks using intermediaries and patsies to create a 'false flag attack'.
22 Mar 2007
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For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world's population, while enabling the 'elites' to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity's extermination: Operation ENDGAME. *******www.ENDGAMETHEMOVIE**** *******www.WHATISTHEENDGAME**** *******www.prisonplanet**** *******www.infowars****
5 Nov 2007
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The powerful conversion testimony of renowned professor of theology and best-selling author Dr. Scott Hahn has become legendary for helping even the most hardened hearts fall in love with the Catholic Faith. In this DVD presentation, you'll see Scott tell his story of courage and conversion as he relates the trials and triumphs of his journey to Catholicism. You'll relive how the once staunch anti-Catholic Calvinist made the shocking discovery of Catholic Truth in his beloved Scriptures and wrestled with the loss of his Protestant ministry, prestige, many friends and nearly his marriage, all for the sake of the full truth of the Gospel! Also included in Testimony to Truth is the best-selling conversion testimony of Alex Jones. And if there is one thing that marks the faith journey of Alex Jones, it is his uncompromising commitment to the truth. In 1998, then-Reverend Jones promised his congregation a real New Testament worship service. In thirty short days of reading the Early Church Fathers, he came face to face with the Apostolic Church. Here in the writings of other 'Pentecostal Pastors' who had known and followed the apostles themselves, was a Christianity he had never known; a liturgical and hierarchical Church where the center of worship was not just great preaching or even the movement of the Spirit, but the Eucharist. Going to the Bible, Alex found that the Church founded by Jesus was, in fact, the Catholic Church.
11 Jan 2008
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From The Alex Jones Show, February 24, 2008. Alex takes a call from a caller who finds it incredulous that the government could stage an attack against itself. The caller tries to talk down to Alex, but Alex schools him on the basics of false flag terror. A must-watch for all 9/11 Kool-Aid drinkers and those who love to see them smacked down. For even more reasons to doubt the official story, visit Alex's sites, including: visit other truth sites, such as:
9 Apr 2008
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April 2nd 2008 - Pentagon Story "B*S" - Alex Jones interviews former wrestler and governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura on 9/11. Check out : to Alex Jones Put together by SO OUT THERE (check out NEW WORLD ORDER music video
31 Jul 2008
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This is either really George Bush or its a Very good Impersonator playing a joke on Alex Jones. George left a message for Alex saying he wish's to speak with him about the conspiracy to solve the problems Diplomaticly... This is from the Friday the 13th of Oct. show 2006 Strangly this is right after the southpark 9-11 conspiracy episode aired. Read the Comments to find out !!! tags: George Bush Alex Jones New World Order Conspiracy 911 Funny impersonate bohemian grove prank joke impersonation Secret Societies Zionist Zionism iraq iran
10 Oct 2008
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Alex Jones explains fake Bin Laden tapes
6 Dec 2008
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Alex Jones sends a message to the chemically labotomized people of the future living in the locked-down cities and extermination camps...
23 Jul 2008
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This is a film dedicated to the man fighting against the Globalist Agenda for World Domination. Make Sure to Click "Watch in High Quality"! Videos taken from Alex Jones footage: *******www.infowars**** *******www.prisonplanet****
27 Jul 2008
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This is a film dedicated to the man fighting against the Globalist Agenda for World Domination. Videos taken from Alex Jones footage: *******www.infowars**** *******www.prisonplanet****
28 Jul 2008
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