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2 great shifts by Alexander Ovechkin.
24 Aug 2006
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Spoofing the "self-improvement motivational guru".This short-lived ABC offering that was pushed hugely,featured still Seinfeld fresh Alexander as motivational speaker--okay,HUGELY successful motivational speaker--Bob Patterson. Behind his outward appearance as a bright,charismatic seller of personal goals and dreams, he is underneath a wreck,reeling from divorce,unable to make a strong impression with his teenage son and facing a lack of respect among his own peers at the company he is contracted.
26 Dec 2006
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Not only do the ladies fall all over each other to get to this dude, but the little chickens heart Mr. Greenwald, too (his vegan diet may have something to do with it). Alexander Greenwald sits down with peta2 at a photo shoot to let us know that chicks love vegetarians. For more information, check out *******www.peta2****?c=tube
21 Dec 2006
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Ann & Alexander Shulgin speaking about chemistry at the LSD Symposium 2006 in Basel, Switzerland
1 Feb 2007
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Alexander Ovechkin Is Awesome!!!
7 Mar 2007
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7 Mar 2007
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New York Times best selling author, Womens Health Contributing Food Edtor, and chef, Devin Alexander, reinvents mealtime favorites In Health Decadence With Devin Alexander.
29 Mar 2007
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Bjoern-Alexander Ulrich, Produktmarketing Modellreihe A, ├╝ber den neuen Golf Variant.
13 May 2007
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This movie is a presentation of the inventions during the Alexander the Great campaign to Asia. All draws are from the book Technical of Alexander the Great, editor Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). Music has been created by Nikos Alexandratos. At last a book about the technology and the economotechnicals during and after the campaign of Alexander the Great. This monumental work -long out of print, a very hard and rare book to find- was prepared by one of the foremost Economist, who writes history. It contains deep analysis, with many ancient texts (Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Hieroglyphs, Coptic, Ideograms, Linear, Assyrian, Persian, Syrian, Sumerian, Arabic, Amharic, Aramaic, Babylonian, Hindi, Sanskrit, Latin, etc.), including tips of modern translations (Greek, English, etc.). This book describes the army, the navy, the different types of the warships, the mechanical, the inventions, the maritime economy, the contracts and legislation of this period (laws for solders, laws for sales, codes of Alexandria, etc.). Also has the description of the people who gone to the campaigns (names, nations, tribes, professions, researches, innovations, explorations, investigations, writings, etc.), unexplained facts, the peace makers of the campaign, etc. A voyage from yesteryears... Description about the professions and analysis of the scientific research of many researchers during the campaign which have been written by engineers, architects, historians, scientists, economists, mechanics, navigators, technicians, geometres, geotechniciens, choreographers, translators, topographers, agronomist, environmentalists, guides, financiers, cartographers, artists, postmen, lawyers, researchers, and many others. The grand public works in all country side of the Hellenic Empire, the techniques and the war machines (with their designs) such as elepolis, euthytona, balistes, catapults (rocks, arrows, fire, etc.), war scorpions, war throwers, sarisses, war tortes. Also the war groups and their formations, descriptions of the battles, the pangration sport, the secret army police, the laws of Democracy, the newspapers in campaign, the cultural events, etc. This book includes many selected ancient texts from many places (even from papyri, ostraka, tablets, coins, cups, vassels, amphora, clay boxes, jugs, vases, plates, jars, etc.), and also many drawings and relevant photos, in a form of a scientific research for the subject. It is the only complete book about "Technical of Alexander the Great" anywhere. For information centres, students, teachers, collectors, libraries, museums, researchers, scientists, Universities, Academies, politicians, statesmen, authors, journalists or anyone seriously interested about the subject. This book is a source! The only authentic and real source anywhere. Don't miss it! Many Universities writes, "This is a unique research in the whole world, which covers many fields of the unknown history of Alexander the Great campaign, which will be used as bibliography in this subject from many researchers. It is an encyclopaedia for Alexander the Great and covers bibliography, as far as in Greece, as far in the whole planet".
12 Jun 2007
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This is an extract from the huge research work of the author Gregory Zorzos about Alexander the Great and this movie is about the naval and navy of Alexander the Great.
12 Jun 2007
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From the huge research on the technical of the period of Alexander the Great by the author Gregory Zorzos. Book "Technical of Alexander the Great" has five volumes and includes a cdrom. This movie (5:56") has some pictures of the Hellenic peacemaker Alexander the great by Gregory Zorzos.
13 Jun 2007
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This is a news clip from 9 on the Town in Los Angeles of Alexander Rivkin MD demonstrating the Non Surgical Nose Job procedure that he pioneered. The procedure is the first non invasive alternative to traditional surgical rhinoplasty. It has become popular because there are no surgical risks, swelling or bruising. It's a 15 minute office injection procedure that costs a fraction of the price of surgical rhinoplasty.
19 Jun 2007
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