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A Metaphysical Gnostic Practitioner, Dr Moore is educated in Secular and Non Secular Degrees, Research, and Certificates. She is accredited Education background, as a Bachelors, Doctor, and Certified Practitioner. The Licenses are in: Metaphysics, Divinity, Independent Church Charter King James Biblical Studies, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, (C.A.M) Herbal Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Hatha Yoga Instruction. Dance Aerobics, Experience Background... My Family introduced and allowed me to dance at the age of toddlerhood. Their support was a boost of confidence and an inner foundation. I learned to socialize with adults at a young age and dublicate dance from movies and dance shows. Goals: To build training/Practice as a Professional Dance and combine dance styles with Yoga Fitness. Dancing will be with Love and Divinity In Motion Inc as a Dance Aerobics Teacher. Primary Modern Dance Style: Hip Hop of Contemporary dance Secondary Modern Dance Style Bellydance of Contemporary dance Favorite Dance Movies: Flashdance, Fame, Save the Last Dance Favorite Dance Music: R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Favorite Dance Artist Selections for Sessions & Practice: Justin Timberlake (J.T.), Madonna, Janet Jackson (J.J.), Mariah Carey (E=Mc2), Jennifer Lopez (JLo), Tara Kemp (1990s) *Stay Tuned for more in our Campus Website(s) for Online Videos, New Channels, and DVDs