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An installment of a funny Sci Fi spoof series
1 Feb 2012
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Check out Episode 4 of The DLJ Horror Show In Space!!! Every horror franchise eventually finds it's way to space. Now it's our turn. The DLJ Horror show is a Musical horror experience. For the horror fan in all of us that wishes Halloween was a year round holiday. A compilation of movie clips(mostly horror) edited together and put to music. A collage of magic assembled for your enjoyment! Like all was bound to happen.
12 Mar 2012
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Commentary on the film Alien
14 Mar 2012
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Executive Producer: Sean Lepaul Jackson of Cisum Nebula 26 Directed &Edited By Tara Alexis A Visual Harassment Production Another Installment From That Crazy Band Of Kids From Hollywood Alien Secx Rehab Executive Producer: Sean LePaul Jackson Of Cisum Nebula 26 Producers: Ari Robbins, Chris Roper Cinematographer: Jesse Lee Cairnie 1st AD: Joshua Lou Friedman Band: Alien Secx Rehab CAST: Captain Action Jack Flash: Sean LePaul Jackson Alien Girl: Olivia Bellafontaine Alien Girls: Amanda Aardsma Sophie Bell Cassi Ellis Caroline Harris Sage Howard Renee Joiner Karlee Klow Nikita Vora
2 Sep 2012
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Author Beauford E. Averette reveals a gripping read. THE ADRALACK CRACK ON MT. BAKER tells the story of richly drawn characters whose lives are tangled in a complicated plot. This book will excite your imagination.
19 Dec 2017
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Trailer of ''Anunnaki'' (2017).
19 Dec 2019
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"Water on the Moon" written by LCROSS Deputy Project Manager John Marmie! Performed by John Marmie and Jeff Petro."LCROSS Finding Water on the Moon John Marmie Jeff Petro video World News water moon NASA satellite ice lunar space tech science ABC ABCNews**** Charles Gibson Chandrayaan NDTV 24x7 India kxly nasa rocket Cabeus Crater Impact October 2009 bomb crash experiment Priya Sridhar RT James Oberg breaking news ufo ovni alien extraterrestrial sighting
16 Nov 2009
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Superhuman person or alien saves a man on a motorbike from complete destruction by teleporting him a few meters away in less than a second, and then flees the scene as quickly as possible. A few observations from the footage: The truck driver swerves to his left at the last second slightly and leaves dark skid marks behind. The spot the motorbike man is teleported from, there is a dark round imprint left on the road and the same around the new position which both gradually fade away after a few seconds (while the skid marks remain). The truck driver can be observed looking at the dark ring closest to him in confusion, as it fades away (he looks right at this spot). Also, he doesn't know whether to go and apologise to the motorbike man because he isn't sure if it's who he thought he was about to run over, so he wanders around dazed (most likely questioning his own sanity). The superhuman person (teleporter/jumper) seems to have rather large hands which appear unusually bright white (unless wearing gloves) and is quick to put them in pockets while fleeing the scene. Why flee the scene so quickly? The superhuman could be afraid of being different / rejection from society and so does not want recognition for the heroic act. Or perhaps the hoody is hiding a distinct alien appearance. The motorbike man sits on the kerb totally bewildered (in shock) trying to figure out where he went and how he survived and ended up safely behind the truck with a random person in a hoody by his side. The superhuman person likely does not say a word to either of the men, and does not want to acknowledge the intervention at all. The mysterious hooded figure leaves the scene in a similar direction to whence it came when first bursting on to the scene, which is consistent. These are just some thoughts I thought I'd throw out there! Enjoy the video! Teleportation caught on captured CCTV China Asia Superhuman Alien Extraterrestrial Super hero Superhero mutant magic UFO 2012 Awesome amazing epic strange cool bizarre aliens hidden forces work divine intervenion saves life invisibility cloak speed security camera footage paranormal spiritual crash van imminent death
8 May 2013
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