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Listen to onlookers laughing while this guy almost ends up swimming with the fishes!
13 Nov 2009
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Blow against a lamppost
18 Oct 2010
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World renowned kayak angler Jim Sammons learns the hard way that running whitewater in a fishing kayak can be both terrifying and deadly...<br><br />
8 Apr 2012
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I have always tried to keep an eagle’s eye watch on Emma and have recommended that others do the same. Well, we experienced the It Can Happen In An Instant dilemma on Memorial Day Weekend! Lucky for us, it turned out Ok with a lesson well learned for all of us.
14 Jun 2012
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Home video taped by my girlfriend on holiday last year in Croatia. We asked the guys on the boat for a good ride, they gave us one. The only negative thing was, that it hurt a little. Friend of mine (first one to go off) almost drowned he didn't have a life jacket on and I had a bruise for almost 4 weeks. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this experience again.
25 Jul 2006
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he try to impress his friend but at last he almost drowning. is that funny?
24 Aug 2007
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water comes up over bonet and i almost drown it in a pudle please rate n comment
16 Oct 2007
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This is my Chainlink Eel "Puke". My friend and I caught him at Diamond head in Hawaii. We named him Puke cuz while we were chasing him he puked up a fish he must have eaten just minutes prior. We were laughing so hard in our snorkels he almost drowned us both. After eating this huge fish he didn't eat again four about 2 weeks. I think you'll agree that this is the best Eel video on you tube. Enjoy! FOR MORE COOL STUFF CHECK OUT MY SITE MyDirtReport**** Chainlink eel hunts bites kills eats swallows fish
15 Oct 2008
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11- Alexander Fleming and the discovery of antibiotic: He was a gardener's son who later became a Lord, thanks to the blessed almost drowning of Winston Churchill, who was 8 when he fell into a well. Alexander Fleming was 10 years old, and the son of Winston Churchills father's gardener when he saved Winston Churchill, by pulling him out of the well. Lord Churchill called his father and said: My son's life is priceless. Ask for anything and I will give it to you, if you want a house I will give you a house. I don't need a house, I was born here, my father was born here, my grandmother was the first one to work here. I need to be able to fulfil my sons wish. I have four children, three will be labourers, they have no interests, but ever since Alexander was very small says he wants to be a doctor and researcher. I don't have the means at all to fulfil his wish. Lord Churchill said: Then he will be, if he has the ability. There will be no problem due to lack of money. Alexander graduated in medicine and thanks to his humbleness he discovered penicillin. Lord Churchill offered him any room in his mansion and Alexander said no. (Alexander himself gave this account at the Servidor do Estado Hospital, at Sacadura Cabral Street, in 1951.). A place under the staircase is all I need. There is enough space there to set up a laboratory. Luckily it was a very humid place. And while he was carrying out experiments with culture plates, a fungus that loves humidity, the penicilium notatum, destroyed one of those culture plates. As he was a researcher, instead of throwing the spoiled culture away, he wondered why that halo of destruction had appeared.. He found the fungus and discovered that this fungus discharged a substance, penicillin. So he started to use this antibiotic in horses at the Jockey Club in London, and in cows with some infectious disease at neighbouring farms. One day the Royal Air Force Commander came to fetch him to apply penicillin to Winston Churchill who was dying in North Africa. Winston Churchill had gone there to give General Montgomery moral support because he was being defeated by Marshal Rommel, Hitler's desert fox. There he caught double pneumonia, there were no resources, and practically no hope for him. Both Alexander Fleming and the Royal Air Force commander crossed over Europe on their own, passing over areas occupied by Germans, at high altitudes, and arrived in time to apply penicillin to Churchill. But then he said quite simply to the Royal Air Force commander: But Churchill of all people will have to be the first human being to have a penicillin injection! What? Churchill, our Prime Minister?! And the answer came: It is all or nothing. His case is a hopeless one. And in this was he saved Winston Churchill for the second time, the first was in the well, that resulted in him studying medicine. He says that in his researches he had found out that over a period of 10 (ten) years microbes acquire resistance to antibiotics, but he had also found out that they lose their memory. Every antibiotic should be used over a period of 10 (ten) years at most, and afterwards discontinued, if possible, for a few years, since many other antibiotics would appear during this interval. This is why such an enormous variety of antibiotics have appeared, all derived from fungi. However, greed resulted in a permanent use of antibiotics, not discontinuing them, and with this the microbes created resistance and the doctors who work in hospitals say as a joke - that there are resident microbes, that now even love the antibiotics. That is the story told by Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin. And the antibiotics led to a discontinuation of auto-hemotherapy, when the normal thing would be to add to it and not to replace it. Because each one works in a different way: the antibiotics works by preventing the reproduction of microbes and the Immune System - activated by auto-hemotherapy - completes the task with the macrophages phagocytizing the microbes. The function of the macrophages - the term macro means big and 'phagos' means to eat - it means eating big particles. By using auto-hemotherapy together with antibiotics there would be much fewer cases of resistance to antibiotics, because there would not be any resistant strains left that later on would reproduce into other resistant strains of microbes.
12 Oct 2010
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The river that Valeria and other villagers used was dangerous in more than one way: besides being unhealthy to drink, the water was so dirty that Valeria’s daughter had almost drowned before her mother saw her child under the murky water. Could they ever have safe water?
24 Jan 2012
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After four-year-old Xiamara almost drowned in an open well, her terrified mother wondered—would it happen again?
29 Sep 2012
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Hot wasted tattooed white trash girl and her friend get blackout drunk and start fighting. After a guy gets the drunk chick to back up, she hits him in the face and throws his hat and glasses into the pool. Things escalate quickly when she runs up, kicking a girl in the hot tub in the face, and fighting off over half a dozen security guards and staff members. She jumps backwards into the jacuzzi, splashes the staff, flashes her tits and pussy, and slaps her twat as if to say 'come get it'. She goes on to almost drown one of the security members and much of the rest of the fight continues with her nips out and tits hanging hap-hazardly. Everyone who is seeing this who was on the cruise with us, had tons of fun! Someone should hit this girl up on Facebook so I can tag her.
10 May 2013
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